Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse — the Square Dashboard App Brings Your Business to You

Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse — the Square Dashboard App Brings Your Business to You
Manage your business on the go with the Square Dashboard app. Track real-time sales, monitor trends, and make informed decisions. Free for all Square users.
by Square Jul 22, 2015 — 2 min read
Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse — the Square Dashboard App Brings Your Business to You

We get that as a small business owner, your business can become your whole life—but you also deserve to take a day away from the shop now and again. Taking your finger off the pulse can be hard, and you need tools to help you stay connected while you’re out of the shop. Enter the Square Dashboard app, a free app that gives you easy access to Square’s powerful analytics. Now you can take a vacation and still watch your sales—as they’re happening, from your iPhone.

Standing Room Coffee

Standing Room Coffee owner Thomas Kelly has two coffee bars in Melbourne. His newest location at Royal Arcade runs its point of sale on Square, and Thomas uses the Dashboard app to keep track of how things are running while he’s working at his second location. “I check the Dashboard app at least twice a day, usually at midday and close to the end of the day, to see how the store is tracking. Because Royal Arcade is a new cafe for me, it’s motivating to see growth in real time,” he says. “Using the Square Dashboard app encourages me to actually check my reports every hour and see how Royal Arcade is tracking. It’s helping me to be more mobile with how I manage my business, and I can work from anywhere, in real time.”

Standing Room Coffee

The Square Dashboard app gives you a snapshot of your real-time business performance, and sellers in our beta program found it very addictive—they opened the app on average 12 times a day to check in on their business. Other important features include:

Keep an eye on how your business is trading: Check in on your live sales, with a real-time summary of what items you’re selling and average transaction value. If business is booming, you’ll know right away.

See what’s selling, and what’s not: Break down your sales by item and category, and make real-time decisions about what you need to stock up on to ensure you never miss a sale. If you’re serving tons of Butterbing Cookies during the morning coffee rush, it might be time to up the order with your supplier.

Sales trends and comparisons, on the go: Compare your business results by the hour, day, week, or year. This information is gold in helping your figure out when to staff up or down.

A powerful team: Check your real time sales via the Dashboard App, then jump onto the Square Dashboard on your computer for a deep dive into the powerful insights and reports for a full view of how your business can run and grow.

Free for all: For businesses running our Square Point of Sale, Dashboard is just another free, powerful tool for you to use to better understand your business.

Being able to keep track of your business with just a tap helps you save time. There’s no need to log in to your Dashboard or call up the shop to see how the day’s trade has been tracking. Simply jump onto the Dashboard app and see how your business is doing.

The Dashboard app (which is compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8) is now available for download in the App Store. And it’s free.

Get the Square Dashboard app today from the App Store.

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