House Of Darwin — The Spirit of Trade in The Northern Territory

The Spirit of Trade in The Northern Territory
The story of the Territory, shared with the world. Learn about how House Of Darwin, a for-profit social enterprise is creating change in Indigenous communities and how Square has helped them scale their business.
by Emily Toone Nov 20, 2023 — 3 min read
The Spirit of Trade in The Northern Territory

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Northern Territory, Australia
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House Of Darwin: Presented By Square

This story isn’t about me, it’s about the territory. the people that call this place home. I’m just telling it today.”

Shaun Edwards Owner, House Of Darwin

A new wave of trade

As a kid, Shaun Edwards would travel to the mangroves at Mandorah Beach by boat with his sister and grandad to collect periwinkles. Bags full, they would head back to Darwin and trade with the old greek men for biscuits. It was Shaun’s earliest memory of trading and one he has never forgotten.

House of Darwin is a social enterprise. A for profit clothing company who reinvest their profits into social programs in remote Indigenous communities. Refurbishing basketball courts, creating sports programs and safe spaces for kids to gather and celebrate their culture.

Shaun started the brand selling out the back of his Troopy. Today House of Darwin is stocked in 80+ retail stores across Australia. Bringing the stories of the Territory to the world.

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The history of trade in the Northern Territory can be traced back to before colonisation. Makassar people from what became Indonesia would sail to the shores of Arnhem Land to collect sea cucumbers in exchange for axes, knives and rice.

The Afghan cameleers moved goods across Australia’s barren interior by camel train. They connected coastal cities with pastoral land and formed what became the Great Northern Railway, or The Ghan. The Ghan paved the way for the Stuart Highway. The camel passed the torch onto the four-wheel drive. The trade routes carved out in the past are being used to create the future.

Today, a new wave of trade is entering the territory. Musicians, artists, tradespeople and chefs. Giving it a go and continuing to shape the paths created before them.

Tools to sell anywhere

Telling Stories From The NT: A Film By Square

Square creates a level playing field for businesses. No matter if you’re a big or small business. We all have access to the same tools.”

Shaun Edwards Owner, House Of Darwin

House of Darwin needed tools that helped them sell anywhere. Whether it’s in remote communities out the back of Shaun’s Troopy, opening House of Darwin’s flagship store in Darwin, or purchasing inventory to stock 80+ Universal Stores across Australia. As they have grown, so have their Square tools.


I’m constantly on the go and Square gives me live data to check sales and make crucial business decisions. Whether I’m boarding a plane to America, Melbourne or Sydney.”

Shaun Edwards Owner, House Of Darwin

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Scaling inventory with Square Loans

When presented with the opportunity to stock House of Darwin in 80+ Universal Stores across Australia, they needed access to cash flow, quickly. After trading with Square, House of Darwin accepted a Square Loan** which helped them to buy additional inventory.

We needed access to cashflow and Square Loans were able to offer us a loan that we could service but also keep our business operating.”

Shaun Edwards Owner, House Of Darwin

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A point of sale for retailers

Selling in store and at remote pop up locations means House of Darwin need a POS system that could keep track of their constantly changing inventory, across locations. Square For Retail allows them to create a customisable and scalable catalogue, resulting in more efficient workflows and visibility for the whole team.

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Whenever I receive a new shipment of stock I’m able to log all of the units of that shipment and keep track of all of the stock. I can see what’s running out, what’s most popular, what we need to re-stock and it’s all right there in front of me.”

Kelly Graebner Store Manager, House Of Darwin

Emily Toone
Emily Toone is a Content Manager at Square where she covers everything from how businesses can start, run, and grow, to how enterprise companies can use tools and data to become industry leaders.

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