New Square Payroll App Empowers Sellers to Run Crucial Part of Their Business from Anywhere

Sep 25, 2018

Today we are excited to introduce the Square Payroll App, empowering sellers with fast access to an elegant and self-serve tool for running their business. The Payroll App makes it easy for employers to manage payroll, one of the most important yet complicated aspects of running a business, from anywhere. As part of Square’s ecosystem of mobile tools the Payroll App is a cohesive, integrated solution that enables sellers to manage all aspects of their business no matter where they are.

With the Square Payroll App employers can get up and running quickly, going from signup to sending a payrun in minutes. They can review timecards while sourcing inventory across town or pay employees on the walk home at night. Features like push notifications and Automatic Payroll ensure employers never forget to send a payrun again. And the app’s mobile-first design offers an elegant, seamless experience across both the Payroll App and on desktop. With Square Payroll, employers can rest assured they’ll have a powerful, automated solution that integrates across key aspects of their business.

Robby Followell, owner of Followell Fotography in Jackson, Mississippi, says the Payroll App has been incredibly helpful for running his business. His job as a photographer means he’s always on the move, whether on his way to a photo shoot or to meet a prospective client. He’s rarely in the studio when it’s time to run payroll, and it was difficult for him to keep the behind-the-scenes aspects of his business in order without being tethered to his desk.

Now the Square Payroll App has given him the flexibility he needs to keep his business running smoothly from anywhere. For Robby, this translates to better relationships with his employees. “Payroll is just so time sensitive. It’s something I need to do on a regular basis, on time – if I don’t, my employees don’t get paid on time and that’s not fair. Having this kind of on-the-go availability helps creatives like me build successful businesses and keep our employees happy.”

But it’s not just flexibility and employee management features that stand out. The payroll process has historically been daunting given the rules, regulations, and tax implications that go along with paying a team. Now with the Payroll App, employers get the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything will be handled on-time and correctly. Square automatically handles all tax withholdings and filings, ensuring employers stay compliant and avoid expensive fines from the IRS.

Dan Floyd owns Dan Good Cookies, a bakery based in Livermore, California. As his business expanded, he needed to hire a few helping hands to provide support at local farmers markets. When he started researching the payroll process he was surprised at the amount of work that goes into it. “I had no idea how to do payroll. I didn’t know how to file anything. There’s no handbook that says what we needed to get started and how to set everything up.”

Square Payroll made it simple. “You just add an employee, they get the invitation, add their information and you’re done. It was just super easy,” said Dan. His team uses Square timecards, which means he can import their hours with one click. As Dan explained, “I don’t have a computer at my bakery so before the app, it was a challenge to find the time - and place - to run payroll. Now I can run payroll at the bakery while I’m making cookies! It saves me an hour a week.”

While employers can access accounts seamlessly across both the Payroll App and a desktop computer, we’ve already seen many employers opting to go mobile. In fact, over 25% of employers currently sign up for Square Payroll through the Payroll App and an increasing number of payruns are now initiated directly from a mobile device. We’re excited to make Payroll flexible and available to employers who want to run their business from anywhere.

Employers can download the Square Payroll App today in the App Store or Google Play. Simply search for “square payroll” or visit to learn more.