Make Voting Easy

Aug 04, 2016

We built Square on the principles of nondiscrimination and inclusion. For our sellers, that means we believe everyone should be able to participate in the economy. Our products and tools are designed to break down traditional barriers to commerce, so anyone can start, run, and grow a business.

We believe voting should be similarly inclusive, easy, and accessible. Unfortunately, Election Day is not a federal holiday in the United States, making it difficult for many people to take time off from their jobs to vote.

That’s why we’re making Election Day a company holiday. We understand that our sellers do not have the same luxury, so we’ll provide them with our usual live Square support while still giving time off to any Square employee who wants to get to the polls.

We’re hopeful that Election Day will soon be a national holiday. In the meantime, we encourage others to join this growing list of companies that are doing what they can to give their employees ample time to vote during the workday.

No matter whom you support, it’s important to learn about the issues and candidates at all levels of government, register, and then vote on November 8.

(Tx for the idea @ericajoy)