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Cycle Zombies

Just one mile off Pacific Coast Highway sits Cycle Zombies, a family-owned and operated shop resurrecting old motorcycles. The California-based business has piqued the interest of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Scotty Stopnik is one of the owners who’s worked alongside his father and brother for decades. What started as a hobby has evolved into a business that embodies a lifestyle.

How Scotty gets work done

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Bringing old bikes back to life.

Scotty’s dad, Scott Stopnik, Sr., started it all. Growing up, Scotty and his six siblings watched their dad build bikes. He would bring them into his world of breathing new life into bikes. As they got older, they became more involved. From his dad he learned that If you want something, work for it.

This echoes the community Cycle Zombies was born out of. Hard work is at the core of Huntington Beach. “It’s a working class town. What you’re working for is what you own,” said Scotty.  Cycle Zombies is the product of its community. It’s the manifestation of a commitment to making things work. 

“I love to say it’s like DIY til you die. Figure it out yourself. I think the community around Huntington Beach sees that. There’s people in construction, roof workers, tree trimmers, building surfboards or artists — all these different things. They can all relate to that.”

It’s a very smooth transaction.

When Scotty isn’t building bikes, he’s traveling to motorcycle shows and flea markets, where he sells merchandise. He keeps a Square Reader in his car at all times. The compact design makes it easy to sell anywhere. “If you were to see [my Reader], you’d probably think it’s really dirty, but it works great. That’s what I like about it,” said Scotty.

The portability of the Reader wasn’t all that drew him to Square. At events, he kept track of the ways people were paying. “It’s 2023, people pay with a credit card a lot now. People pay with different devices, different phones, all these different forms of payment. I really liked the way that Square had options for getting paid simply.” 

Regardless of what customers buy, they can make the payment and be on their way. “If it’s purchasing something like a hat, t-shirt, apparel, or if they’re paying for a bike that’s been worked on or something, it’s a very smooth transaction.” Sleek hardware design and easy payments made Square his go-to processor.

Hear how Scotty grew his business with Square Payments

“It wasn't some big bulky machine that you're like trying to plug in and do this and that. It was like, I keep one—just a little Square Reader—in my car all the time, and literally every event I just pull the thing out and you're making money with it.”

It might not be perfect, but we did it ourselves.

When looking towards the future for Cycle Zombies, Scotty wants it to remain true to its roots. “I think that’s the big impact that Cycle Zombies kind of throws out there. It’s a family. We’re working together, we’re building stuff, we’re figuring it out. And it might not be perfect, but we did it ourselves.”

Like his father, Scotty brings his kids to the shop. He lets them ride with him on occasion, but he doesn’t force their interest, “I kind of neglect them with it and let them gravitate towards it in a natural way. That’s really how true love or a passion evolves for something.” 

They’re also learning valuable lessons along the way. “They’ve seen from dad,  if you have a job you love to do, it’s like you never have to go to work in your life.”

How Scotty gets work done

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