It’s your Square referral — earn from it.

Help businesses find success by sending them our way through the referral program. When they adopt Square, you’ll get rewarded with a share of new revenue. It’s kind of a win-win-win.

Incentivize Square sellers to use your products and services.

Eligible referral partners can list in our partner offers directory, where millions of Square sellers can find exclusive promotions, benefits, and more on your products and services.

Companies across industries are making it happen. 

We’re talking consultants, associations, suppliers, and so much more. Each member of the referral program gets the opportunity to treat their customers to special offers on Square products.

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Consultants and associations

Restaurants, retail, health and beauty, CBD, and more

Lawyers, business formation services, property development and management


OEMs, ISPs, wireless providers, and more

Finance and accounting

Business banks, bookkeepers, accountants, fintech, and insurance

Brands and suppliers

B2B retailers, IT distributors, beauty suppliers and wholesalers, and food-and-beverage suppliers

More industries

Don’t see your field listed? Don’t worry. We still want to chat; reach out to us.

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  • What is the process to become a referral partner?

    Prospective referral partners can apply to become a partner via this form. We will review your application and respond within one to two weeks.

  • What happens after I apply to become a referral partner?

    We will set up a meeting to get to know your business better. We’ll share additional details about the program, including information about economic incentives and marketing terms. If there’s mutual alignment, we will share an agreement and launch the official Square partnership.

  • How long does it take to become a referral partner?

    The time it takes to become a Square referral partner varies with each application. The process could be as fast as one to two weeks with standard agreement terms. However, some partners may qualify for custom agreement terms, which can elongate the process.

  • What kind of incentives will I receive when I refer a seller to Square?

    Referral partners can expect to get paid when their customers adopt Square. We’ll share additional details about your economic incentives as we align on the partnership terms.

    New referral partners will earn at least $1000 for every qualifying referral that processes $250K+ annually with Square. See the terms of your partnership agreement for details.

  • What does it take to become a successful referral partner?

    Successful referral partners are able to:

    • Effectively educate and promote the value of Square products across a variety of touchpoints. This includes partner websites, email, and social media, as well as partner sales, account management, and customer service interactions.

    • Provide sellers with a service or product that is complementary to Square, with the ultimate shared goal to help a seller grow and become more successful.

    • Commit to working closely with Square to increase the volume of sellers who are referred, and to ensure that sellers have the best referral and handoff experience possible.

    • Find motivation in economic incentives and provide sellers with a Square offer (e.g., free processing, free SaaS).

  • How can I stay informed about the Square partner programs?

    Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive the latest news and announcements across the Square partnerships community. In the field above, simply opt for “Partner program news.”

  • How can I become eligible to promote my business on the Square partner offers directory?

    Partners that actively refer their customers to Square can become eligible to be listed in this directory. They should have products, services, or other offerings that help Square sellers start, scale, and manage their business.

    If you are not yet a Square partner, please use this form to apply.

  • How do I refer businesses to Square as a seller?

    To learn more about all of our referral programs, including those for sellers looking to refer other sellers, see here.