Square Online

On-demand delivery for restaurants.

Get professional delivery from DoorDash or Postmates without paying commissions.

Make $11 more per $50 order

Delivery marketplaces charge you an added 30% commission, or $15, per order. That means you’d keep $35 on a $50 order. With on-demand delivery, you only pay $1.50 per order + Square’s standard processing fee—so you’d keep $46 instead of just $35. That’s $11 more in your pocket.

Reliable delivery with no marketplace commissions.

  • Choose delivery from DoorDash or Postmates
  • Build direct customer relationships by having customers order online directly from you
  • Subsidize delivery fees or offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount with flexible fee settings
  • Configure custom service fees to recoup costs associated with deliveries
  • Integrate Square Loyalty to let customers collect and redeem points on delivery orders

Save on every order. Get on-demand delivery.

Delivery marketplace apps charge you 25—30% of your total order. On—demand delivery is only $1.50 per order plus a delivery fee you can pass on to your customer.

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Delivery via Postmates

$4.20 + 75¢/km

per delivery*

Delivery via DoorDash


for deliveries up to 3-5 miles*

** Delivery prices in California are $4.50 + 95¢/km for Postmates and $8.99 for DoorDash.


  • What is on-demand delivery?

    On-demand delivery connects your Square Online ordering page with professional delivery services. When your diners place a delivery order on your Square Online ordering page, a courier from a third-party delivery service, like Doordash or Postmates, gets dispatched to your location to deliver the order.

    Your customers will receive a text confirmation and will be able to track the courier delivery. All deliveries are no contact.

    No need to sign up for delivery marketplaces. All transactions are done through your Square Online ordering page. You keep the relationship with your customers and save on third-party delivery commissions.

  • How does Square Online on-demand delivery pricing compare to other delivery services?

    Traditional delivery services can charge up to 30% commission for each order. With Square, you don’t pay any commissions or platform fees. For each delivery, you pay a flat dispatch fee of $1.50, plus a courier fee: $6.99 for Doordash (in California $8.99) or $4.20+75¢/km for Postmates (in California $4.50 + 95¢/km).

    Square Online offers a number of flexible options for managing delivery fees. You can cover the delivery fee (always free for customers), pass it onto your customer, cover the delivery fee for orders over an amount you determine, pay a fixed percentage of the delivery fee, or create a maximum delivery fee.

  • Does on-demand delivery integrate with other Square products?

    Yes. Your orders placed on Square Online will sync with your Square Point of Sale and be routed to your kitchen printing system. You don’t need any extra equipment. Just launch your ordering page, and you’re ready to go. All your orders and details will be visible on your POS app under delivery.

    If your restaurant is using Square Loyalty, your customers can enroll and start collecting points that are redeemable online.

  • How do I start using on-demand delivery?

    If you don’t have an online ordering page, you can create your own mobile-optimized page for free with Square Online. Then in a few steps, configure your delivery options.

  • What are the benefits of Square Online for a restaurant?

    Create and launch an online ordering page free—no startup costs or monthly fees—and start taking orders right away. Online orders display in your restaurant point of sale system and relay to your kitchen printers so there’s no disruption to your standard process. Plus, you can offer a variety of fulfillment methods to get orders to your customers—curbside pickup, delivery by your in-house couriers, or with on-demand delivery through third-party delivery services.

  • How should I prepare my business for on-demand delivery?

    Here are a few tips to make sure to make it easier for couriers arriving to pick up orders:

    • Have the items ready for pickup, as delays are much more likely to result in a late delivery.
    • Have a designated pickup area where the service provider can easily locate the order. This will help reduce disruption to your in-store business.
    • Label all orders and ensure the courier is picking up the correct order.
    • Include pickup and dropoff instructions.
  • Can I use on-demand delivery to deliver age-restricted items like alcohol, tobacco, or CBD?

    Currently age verification for on-demand delivery is not available. However, we plan on releasing this feature in Spring of 2021.

  • Who do I contact if there’s an issue with delivery?

    If you experience issues with courier deliveries, please contact the service provider directly at the following numbers:

    • Postmates: Call 866-570-6466. Order information, such as the API Delivery Token Order and Order Number, are available in the delivery notes.
    • DoorDash: Call 855- 599-7066. Be sure to state that it’s a DoorDash Drive Delivery, and provide the Store Name, Customer Name, Customer Phone Number, and Delivery ID.

    Your customers also have the ability to contact the courier directly via the phone number listed on their receipt. However, customers must call from the phone number they listed on their order.