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Square Online

On-demand delivery for restaurants.

Get professional delivery from DoorDash or Postmates without paying commissions.

Square Online

Reliable delivery with no marketplace commissions.

  • Choose delivery from DoorDash or Postmates
  • Build direct customer relationships by having customers order online directly from you
  • Subsidize delivery fees or offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount with flexible fee settings
  • Configure custom service fees to recoup costs associated with deliveries
  • Integrate Square Loyalty to let customers collect and redeem points on delivery orders

Save on every order. Get on-demand delivery.

Delivery marketplace apps charge you 25-30% of your total order. On-demand delivery is only $1.50 per order plus a delivery fee you can pass on to your customer.

* Delivery prices in California are $8.99 for DoorDash and $4.50 + 95¢/km for Postmates.