The future is built in Atlanta.

The history, culture, and soul of America was built by Black people. Our future will be no different. It’s happening in places like Atlanta, and all over, with businesses like these.



“Prospecting” Coach Jacket

Staple Tee - Royal Blue on Cream

Collegiate Socks - Black

“We proudly place ‘Made in Atlanta’ on all of our products because for us the city of Atlanta is more than a place, it is a culture. Atlanta’s history is full of change agents who sought to make this world a better place and here at Honor Roll Clothing our goal is the same.”

Chris Duncan
owner of Honor Roll Clothing


Lettuce Face It - Hydration Mist
$35.50 - $55.50

Hot Butter Grits - Body Scrub

Veggie Soul Face Serum Kit

“Atlanta is like a family reunion on a farm. The farm is harvesting crops which are opportunities in the community of Atlanta.”

Yolanda Owens
owner of iwi fresh


Georgia Peach - Black Tea
3oz - $15

Sweet Auburn - Herbal Tea
1 pound - $68

Ceramic Teapot - Yellow

“Being a black business owner is a joy that we do not take lightly. It’s a dream lived in the present. It’s a gift to be able to do what we love on a daily basis. As a black business owner, we find creative ways to embrace our customers, support the community, and open doors for more black business owners to thrive.”

Brandi & Jermail Shelton
owners of just add honey


Create what’s next.

Black Owned film series

Through the perspectives of Black business owners in Chicago, St. Louis, and Jackson, MS – we explore the history and voice of the Black entrepreneurial spirit.

Talking Squarely About Black Business in America with Killer Mike

We talk with rapper and entrepreneur Michael Render, more commonly known as Killer Mike, about how to encourage Black economic inclusion and entrepreneurship.

How Harlem Biscuit Company is Honing Their Operations

Harlem Biscuit Company’s very existence is an act of resiliency. Discover how Chef Melvin “Boots” Johnson and Warren Satchell’s biscuit business has risen from scratch in a short time.

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