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Adding Items and Categories to Square Online

Create a New Item

To add a new item from your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Item Library/Site Items and click Create new item.

  1. Set up the basics: the item title and a description will appear on the item page.

  2. Add one or more images of your item ideally in .jpg and .png formats.

  3. Select your item visibility – Visible, Hidden or Unavailable.

  4. Scroll down to select the item fulfilment method – either Shipping, In-store Pickup, Local Delivery or offer all three options.

  5. You can also set an item-specific prep time for pickup and delivery or use your location default.

Scroll down to the Variations section to enter the price and an item SKU or ID if you have one (you can leave this blank if you don’t), then enter the weight of the item for shipping purposes. You can set a stock quantity for your item after saving. Learn more about managing item stock here.

SO Item Variations

If your item has variations such as different sizes or colours, click on Add/Manage variations to enter these. In the example above, the item comes in three different sizes. When a customer buys the item, they’ll be able to choose which size they want before adding the item to their cart. Learn more about item variations in this guide.

When you’re finished, click Save to create your new item and add it to your Online store.

Create a New Category


Now that you’ve added an item, let’s place it into a category. From your Square Online overview page, go to Items > Categories, and select Add Category. Give your new category a name, and add any items you want to include with the Choose Items button.

To save time, you also have the option of transferring your categories created in Square over to your Online store. This option is available only one time, and you will manage Online store categories separately going forward (i.e. categories do not continuously sync from Square to your Online store like your items do).

You can also limit the availability of items in a category under the “Pickup and delivery settings”. Select “Only certain days and times” and then choose the days and times when the items will be available for pickup or delivery.


Save when you’re finished to return to the Categories page. If you want to add more, simply follow the steps outlined above. You can also create subcategories by dragging a category underneath and to the right of another category. Categories with subcategories have an arrow icon you can click to show and hide the list of subcategories.

Delete Categories and Items


If you need to delete a category, click on it from the Categories page and then click the “. . .” icon. Note that this will not remove any items that you’ve added to the category, so if you need to delete an item, follow these steps:

Go to the Item Library page and locate the item or items you wish to delete. Tick the box next to the item name and use the delete button. This will remove the item from your website and completely delete it.

Tip: You can also use this method to quickly add items to an existing category, toggle sales tax or change the item status to visible, unavailable or hidden. Categories and coupons can be deleted in bulk as well – simply use the tick boxes on the Categories and Coupons pages.