Navigate Your Retail Dashboard

The Square for Retail dashboard is designed to help you keep your ordering, item management, and reporting at your fingertips. You can create team members and points of sale to sign in to the free Square for Retail app to start selling.

If you’re new to Square, learn more about standard Dashboard features available without a Square for Retail subscription. You can also do a comparison of the Square Point of Sale app with the Retail Free and Plus features via our Support Centre.

Square for Retail Plus Features

In addition to the standard Dashboard features available for any Square seller, when you sign up for Square for Retail Plus, you’ll have access to powerful tools designed specifically for retail businesses available on your online Square Dashboard. You’ll have access to a new tab, the Inventory Management tab, where you can view Square for Retail reports, create purchase orders, and manage vendors. You’ll also see new features from the Items tab — such as the option to print labels and move your stock across locations.

Note: Inventory Management reporting, as well as the ability to create purchase orders, manage vendors, and print labels, are not available with Square for Retail Free.

Navigate Your Square for Retail Dashboard


With the search bar, you can jump to sections of the online Square Dashboard, items in your library, customers, Support Centre articles, and Seller Community posts. Click the magnifying glass in the top-right hand corner to get started.


In addition to the standard features provided for inventory management with Square, with Square for Retail Plus you’ll be able to print barcode labels, enable Track Inventory for new items and move stock between locations, on an individual basis or in bulk. Click Items from your online Square Dashboard to get started.

Print Barcode Labels

You can print barcode labels for each item or item variation. Barcodes allow you to create a quick and seamless checkout experience for your customer, as well as help you track stock. Note: Printing barcode labels is not available with Square for Retail Free.

Learn more about creating and printing barcode labels.

Transfer Stock

You can transfer stock between locations quickly and easily.

Once you complete the transfer, you can view the order information at any time — including location details, product name, date and time — all from your History log. Each transfer is assigned a unique ID to help identify past transfers. Note: Transferring stock between locations is not available with Square for Retail Free.

Get started or read more about transferring your stock.

Inventory Management

Under Items, you’ll also find the Inventory Management tab, which includes tools and reports exclusively available with Square for Retail Plus.

Learn more about Inventory Plus and other inventory management tools.

Inventory History

Your History log reflects every stock adjustment to your inventory — so you can view a clear and simple overview of your current stock levels.

View your History log online or learn how to get the most out of your Square for Retail Plus reporting.

Purchase Orders

Create or update purchase orders to streamline reordering stock, edit unit costs for original stock intake, and include other fees for replenishing your item inventory by including shipping fees and tax. Note: Creating purchase orders is not available with Square for Retail Free.

Manage your purchase orders or read more about using purchase orders with Square for Retail Plus.


With Vendor Management, you can keep a catalog of the vendors you order from — including a unique item library with associated unit costs for each item variant. Note: Vendor Management is not available with Square for Retail Free.

Learn more about managing vendors.


Visibility into stock performance is an important part of running an inventory-based business. In addition to the reporting offered with a basic Square account, Square for Retail Plus offers a suite of reports geared toward showing the profitability of items and item categories.

You can view your reports online or read more about Retail reporting.

Pending Restocks

The Pending Restocks tab on your online Square Dashboard is designed to safeguard your inventory counts when you or a team member processes a return.

Any time you issue a refund from the Retail app and opt to Skip Restock, the items will reflect in the Pending Restocks tab in your online Square Dashboard — so you can adjust your inventory for the applicable items at a later time.

You can also view the original transaction on the restock details page by clicking View Details.

Note: Some features may be unavailable to sellers using Square for Retail Free. Learn more about the differences between Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus.

Points of Sale

With Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus, you have the option to sign in with your email and password and create or select a profile to log into. You can also create a device code or read more about setting up a point of sale with Retail.

If you’re new to Square for Retail, take a look at our Getting Started Guide.

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