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Square Online Reporting

Note: View advanced reporting by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

You can review reports and stats related to Square Online in Square Reports, where you’ll find a wide range of data on various aspects of your business and website.

Learn about getting started with Square Analytics and reporting for more information on additional reports found in Dashboard.

Navigate to Square Online Reports in Dashboard

To navigate to Square Online reports in Dashboard:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Reporting > Reports to open the Square Reports page.

  2. Expand the Square Online reports tab to view data about your website.

Note: You can view other data, such as item and category sales, by expanding the Reports tab.

Traffic & Sources

From your Square Reports page, go to Square Online reports > Traffic & sources to get insights on your site’s web performance.


Select the Traffic tab to see an overview of your site traffic data and compare site traffic data over any period of time. You can also see your top active webpages with the most visits (your homepage is likely to generate the most visits).

  • Unique visits: Unique visits are counted every thirty minutes and count when someone who has not visited your site in the past thirty minutes does so. The unique visits number should be smaller than the page views number since one person may visit multiple pages and generate multiple page views.

  • Page views: Page views are counted hourly and count each visit of a page on your site as one view. Thus, if a person reloads the homepage of your site three times, it would count as three page views.

  • Page views per unique visit: The average number of pages viewed for each unique visit to your site.


Select the Sources tab to see what other sites have referred visitors to your website. You can also see what search terms are being used in search engines to find your site.

  • Referring sites: If a visitor clicked a link on another website to reach your site, then they have been referred to your website by another site. The more inbound links you have pointing to your site, the better your search rank will likely end up being.

  • Search terms: This shows which search terms visitors have entered into search engines like Google or Bing to find your site. The more search terms you see, the better ranked your site likely is on the search engines.

For information on updating SEO, check out how to optimise your website pages.

Note: Traffic to your Square Online site can sometimes come from spambots, which constantly scan the web for email addresses and information. Since we don’t have a way to block them, they’ll scan virtually every website at one time or another. This also means that some of your site views or referrals will come from those spambots. As far as the referrer stats in your reporting, you are the only person who can see them (ie. those stats aren’t visible to anyone who doesn’t have access to your account).

Purchase Funnel

From your Square Reports page, go to Square Online reports > Purchase funnel to get insights on your site’s sales performance. Here you can view and customise graphs to understand your business health and how your online store is performing. You can change the graph type, compare data (like this week vs last week) and choose which metrics to compare. Metrics include:

  • Average total sales per visit: Average total sales for each unique visit to your site

  • Conversion rate: Percentage of unique visits to your site that led to an order

  • Add to cart rate: Percent of unique visits to your site where a cart was started

  • Add to cart count: Number of times a site visitor started a cart by adding a first item

Note: The Average total sales per visit, Conversion rate, and Add to cart rate will now use Unique visits as the denominator in Square Reports (instead of Page views as it did in the previous Square Online insights feature). This will significantly change the value of the metrics which are better aligned with industry standards.

Other reports

You can also see your Square Online orders and sales data, alongside your other Square products, from your Square Reports page on tabs like Reports > Sales summary, Sales trends, Item sales and Category sales.

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