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Transfer stock between locations with Square for Retail

Who is this article for?
This article is for retail business owners who want to transfer stock from one of their locations to the other from the online Square Dashboard.

About transferring stock between locations

With Square for Retail Plus or Premium, you can transfer stock from one location to another, transfer individual items, or move your inventory in bulk.

Before you begin

This feature requires an active Square for Retail Plus subscription. In order to transfer stock between locations, you need to assign location availability to each item. Location availability can be assigned when creating an item from your Item Library or using the item import tool.

Transfer and view past transfers

  1. Sign into your Square Dashboard and navigate to Items & orders > Items > Item library

  2. Click Actions > Transfer stock.

  3. Enter the source and destination locations.

  4. Choose the items to transfer and enter the transfer quantity. Take note of the current source location stock levels to ensure you have enough stock to support the transfer.

  5. Click Complete Transfer.

Once you complete the transfer, use your History log to view the order information at any time—including location details, product name, date and time. Each transfer is assigned a unique transfer number to help identify past transfers.

To filter your history to only view item transfers, click All Adjustment Types and deselect all filters except Transferred.

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