Streamline Fresher’s Week Finances for Your Student Society

With exams out of the way and summer in full swing (just about), the excitement of Fresher’s Week is just around the corner.

Maybe this means nothing but panic for your current society, maybe half your committee have graduated and you’ve been left to mentor their replacements, or maybe you see this as an awesome opportunity to put your spin on things. Either way, Square can help make things easier when it comes to the finances of student societies, and we have lots more helpful tips on how to start a student society, or just keep your current one ticking away – read on!

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The Power of Student Societies

Most students probably don’t see societies as anything more than a string of awesome welcome parties during Fresher’s Week, but they’re actually a pretty powerful tool for students. Not only do they serve as the fail-safe way to meet like-minded people and forge long-lasting uni friendships, if you’re brave enough to get in on the admin side of things, societies give you fantastic experience of all sorts of things, from events management to finances to merchandising. And because you’re working on a team of your friends and peers within the society committee, you’ll be having great fun while gaining valuable experience.

The opportunities are endless, too, if you create a committee, students will come! Ready to get started?

Starting a Student Society

  • Apply: Societies need university approval to run, and the key to gaining this green-light is demonstrating longevity. Sure, you may be passionate about something incredibly niche that you’re convinced needs a society, but how many events can you actually squeeze out of your idea? Remember, you’ll have to give your members reason to return for a whole year.

  • Committee Creation: This is where you can start practising the skills that will not only look great on your CV but equip you with the sorts of traits that are vital in the working world: management, teamwork, leadership etc. You’ll need a team to help run your committee, so choose wisely. If your final year has arrived, make sure you commit some time into training your replacements though and let your legacy live on!

  • Funding the Fun: It’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to keep your society running without an injection of cash every now and again, not least because you’ll probably want to offer your members snazzy hoodies, t-shirts or other merchandise declaring their membership. Charging a joining fee, or even a continuous member fee is a common way to make sure there is a society budget you can count on. Many universities offer grants and other helping hands to keep societies running smoothly, but it’s still down to you to keep on top of the money going in and out of your society, after all, in the flurry of late night partying or twice-weekly outings you may burn through the budget a lot faster than you think.

Handling Student Society Finances

University is equal parts fantasy (classes three times a week and partying the other four?!) and reality check (how do you use a washing machine anyway?) — student societies are no different. On the one hand, you have a club of like-minded individuals who all love that thing you thought no one else in the world even knew about, on the other, you now have the responsibility of taking care of them, and the money they have voluntarily handed over. How can you easily manage student society finances or fees? Square.

The fun days of uni are never going to change, but the haphazard way societies may have traditionally handled cash and payments definitely can! Whether you’re a tiny society looking to sell the hand-printed t-shirts your artistic members have made or part of the student union and selling uni merchandise from the student bar, on the steps of the library or in the lobby of the dorms, Square makes it easy, secure and totally cash-free.

Square for Students

Square may have some of the best tech in the industry when it comes to contactless payments and running a business but whether you’re a high street giant or a tiny little student society that’s just getting started, we’re ready to help you.

Here are just some of the ways Square can allay the worries of those wondering about just how to run a student society:

  • Completely cash-free: Square Reader is small, stylish and can be attached right to your phone if that’s how you choose to roll. Accept cards, chip and PIN and digital wallets easily, and for all those international students wanting to join in the fun, no worries, our included magnetic stripe reader plugs right into your phone and makes accepting international cards a breeze. So forget the days of keeping a cash box tucked away under the desk or counting it inaccurately at the end of the night. With Square you’re declaring that you’re committed to the smooth running of your society, and have the cool hardware to prove it.

  • Less stress: Understandably, you might get a little freaked out at the prospect of having to keep an eye on so many serious aspects of what is essentially a happy little friendship group.Square’s free POS app makes it easy to take payments, send receipts or manage finances and sell goods through a dedicated online shop with our awesome integrated apps.

  • Marvellously mobile: In more ways than one! Square runs from your smartphone or tablet for a pretty effortless payment solution, but it also lets you get out there and have the uni world know about your society’s offerings. Have your society being represented all over the place during Fresher’s Week – in dorms, in the halls or along the street on your way to your next lecture - with easy multi-location management it doesn’t matter where you are, you can finalise sales, sell tickets to your next big event, get that membership started and know your society has a rosy future ahead of it.

University is all about hard work and good fun, and societies are a major part of that. Thanks to Square you can concentrate more on the fun part and enjoy heading a society that makes uni a bit more memorable for everyone.