Square for Restaurants


Keep chefs and waiters in sync, and get more done in less time.

Menu management

Manage your menu your way with customisable layouts. Add items to a display group and put top sellers on the main menu for faster checkout. Make changes from anywhere and apply them to every restaurant location.

Square Online Store

Serve customers at home with a free and custom Square Online Store. Orders placed online will automatically sync with Square for Restaurants for easy integration. Offer click and collect or delivery services.

Bulk additions

Use bulk additions to update your menu when you make seasonal swaps or rethink the whole starter section. No more adding items one at a time when you need to make multiple changes fast. You can even apply taxes and modifiers in bulk, which streamlines the process.


From delivery and pickup to employee time tracking and reservations, Square for Restaurants integrates with the software you already have in place. For a list of compatible integrations, click here.

Advanced discounts

Set up happy hour or a soup and salad special in seconds. Make discounts easy, automatic and repeatable – no mental maths required.

Order manager

Manage orders from one place no matter which delivery service your customers use. Through an integration with Deliverect, your Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat and more delivery partner orders all show up on the same tablet.


From top-line summaries to granular daily stats, keep tabs on all the numbers that matter. See sales by category, item or payment type. Monitor overall trends for the month, and see how many items were comped during one shift. With reports, nothing gets past you.

Table management

Customise your floor plan with all the sections you need. Organise the dining room, the bar, large parties and more with intuitive click-and-drag layouts. Monitor every seat in the house to see when a table is about to turn.

Shared settings

Make sure your whole staff is on the same page with shared settings. The host, waiting staff and bartender will stay synced when you connect them through Square for Restaurants.

Live sales

See up-to-date sales numbers, including open bills, so you can make decisions about staffing in the moment.

Close of day reports

Close of day shouldn’t keep you at work later than necessary. Close every open bill, clock out all your employees and adjust service charges before you call it a night. Pull up shift reports by employee and make sure everything looks right so you can rest easy.

Course management

Add items to particular courses and manage course pacing with hold and fire features so the timing of the meal is exactly right.

Item availability tracking

Set an item count at the beginning of the night, and when the food runs out, make it clear in your POS that the item is no longer available. Your staff will stay informed and so will your customers.

For a full list of features, see pricing plans →

Videos were originally produced for our U.S. customers and some features are not currently available in the UK:

  • Payroll and Capital are not currently available in the UK.
  • Offline mode is not currently available in the UK.
  • A signature is not required in the UK.
  • All possible integrations listed are specific to the U.S. For UK specific integrations, please click here.
  • All pricing and fees are specific to the U.S. For UK pricing, please click here.

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