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Identify Your Square Reader

Square Reader

Accept payment cards anywhere.

Square Reader has gone through iterations over its lifecycle and there are two generations of Square Reader: Square Reader (1st generation) and Square Reader (2nd generation). There are three versions within the first generation of Square Reader and just one version in the newest second generation of Square Reader. Learn how to identify the exact version and generation of your Square Reader below.

Square Reader (1st generation)

The location of the power button, chip card reader slot, and LED lights on the Square reader.

Square Reader (2nd generation)

Identify Your Square Reader’s Generation

Square Reader (1st generation) and Square Reader (2nd generation) have physical differences that can help you determine which generation the Reader belongs to.

Feature Square Reader
(1st generation)
Square Reader
(2nd generation)


Charging port micro-USB USB-C
Power button Located on the left side of charging port
Located on the right side of charging port
NFC logo NFC logo facing away from the reader’s dip slot (card entry point) NFC logo facing the reader’s dip slot (card entry point)
Serial Number Format:
(5th – 8th characters)
S070, S092, S084, S095, S098,
S103, S127, S109, S130, S146,
S148, S192, S193
S171, S172

Identify which version of Square Reader you have

To identify the exact version of your Square Reader within a generation, you will need to locate the serial number on the back of the Reader.

All Square Readers have a 16 digit serial number. Each Square Reader lists their version number in the 5th to 8th digits of the serial number like this XXXXMMMMXXXXXXXX. Once you locate the serial number, refer to the MMMM sequence in the serial number.

Product Name Generation Version MMMM Sequence* Charging Port
Square Reader (2nd generation) 2nd generation Version 1 (v1) S171, S172 USB-C charging port
Square Reader (1st generation, v3)

1st generation

Version 3 (v3) S109, S130, S146, S148, S192, S193

Micro USB charging port
Square Reader (1st generation, v2) Version 2 (v2) S084, S095, S098, S103, S127
Square Reader (1st generation, v1) Version 1 (v1) S070, S092

*(characters 5-8) to identify Square Reader model

If you are still having trouble identifying your Square Reader, please Square Support and we can help get you back to business.

 Compatible Accessories

Left: Square Reader (1st generation) with Square Dock (sold separately).
Right: Square Reader (2nd generation) with Bosstab Dock (sold separately).

Product Name Compatible Dock
Square Reader (2nd generation, v1) Grey Bosstab Dock (only)
Square Reader (1st generation, v3)

White Square Dock or Grey Bosstab Dock
Square Reader (1st generation, v2)
Square Reader (1st generation, v1)

Other Accessories

Square Reader (1st generation and 2nd generation) is compatible with a wide range of third-party hardware accessories that transform your reader into a complete mobile or countertop POS. Compatible hardware accessories including phone and tablet cases, receipt printers, scales, barcode scanners, Square Shop and more can be purchased in Square Shop. 

View a complete list of compatible accessories for Square hardware.

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