Starting October 13, 2022, Square Reader for magstripe will not be available for purchase. Magstripe payments accepted on this reader after September 30, 2023, may incur additional fees.* Learn more

Square Reader for magstripe

Small credit card reader, big possibilities.

Accept credit cards anywhere

Square Reader works with the free Square Point of Sale app to allow everyone to take payments on their smartphone or tablet.

Fast setup, no commitments

Sign up for Square and we’ll drop your free Square Reader in the mail—no commitments or long-term contracts.

Clear pricing, fast transfers

Pay 2.65% per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and international credit cards. Swipe $100, see $97.35 in your bank account in one to two working days.

Works with iOS and Android

With two versions of Square Reader for magstripe—one for a headset jack, the other a Lightning connector—you’re covered. Just pick the one that works for you.

And with your computer, too

Take in-person credit card payments by adding Square Reader to your Apple computer or Chromebook.

Do business anywhere with Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale gives you everything you need in one free point-of-sale app. Free app updates keep you equipped with the latest Point of Sale features.

Serious security

Card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe. Square doesn’t store card data on your device after a payment has been processed.

No signal, no problem

Swipe credit card payments without a connection in Offline Mode and pay the usual 2.65% per swipe.

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No charging necessary
Square Reader fits right in your pocket and with no battery to keep charged, you’re ready to sell wherever business takes you.

Send receipts digitally or print like usual

Send receipts via email or text message or connect a receipt printer to a tablet. Your customers can even leave you private feedback directly through their digital receipt.

Pro tip: Improve your tips

Customers tip right on the device in one easy, math-free motion—easier for them and better for your business.

Accept contactless and chip & PIN payments, too

Square Reader for contactless and chip lets you accept every type of payment. Connect it wirelessly to your phone or tablet to accept chip and PIN cards, tap-and-go cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

Square Reader for contactless and chip $59



at sign-up

Need another reader?

Your first reader is on us. After that, each additional reader is $10.

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