Square Reader for contactless and chip and PIN

Accept every payment including debit tap and chip and PIN.

Square Reader for contactless and chip and PIN
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Accept every way your customers want to pay. From debit tap and chip & PIN to credit tap and contactless devices – accept them all with no monthly fees.

Pay just 2.65% for credit and 10¢ flat for debit. Let customers simply tap their debit cards for payments under $100. Or they can insert their debit cards and enter their PIN for payments of any size.

Connect Square Reader to your smartphone or tablet or plug it into Square Stand to get started.

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  • Contactless (NFC)
  • CHIP (EMV)

Use the included magstripe reader to swipe credit cards and accept international cards without a chip.


Customers can tap their contactless debit cards or insert their debit chip cards and securely enter their PIN on your device.

Accept all payment types

Accept chip and PIN cards, tap-and-go cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other contactless payments.

Swipe if you want

Run traditional credit and gift cards with the included magstripe reader.

Powerful battery

Take payments from open to close with a battery that’s built for a full day of sales.

Set up for speed

Let your customers pay securely in just a few seconds by accepting contactless cards and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Pocket-sized and powerful

Packed with a powerful battery, Square Reader connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to supported iOS or Android devices.



Square Reader for contactless and chip and PIN

Square Reader for magstripe

Micro USB cable


Apple devices running iOS 10.0 or greater, excluding iPad 2 and iPad 3

Android devices running 5.0 or later


Glossy white


Moulded plastic


Height: 10 mm (0.4 in.)

Width: 66 mm (2.6 in.)

Depth: 66 mm (2.6 in.)


56 g (1.98 oz.)

Payment types

Debit contactless cards

Debit chip cards

Credit contactless cards

Credit chip cards

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Magnetic-stripe credit cards (with the included magstripe reader)

Power modes

Connect the reader wirelessly and charge the battery separately, connect it to the optional Dock for Square Reader or plug it into the Square Stand USB hub.