Introducing Square’s New Direct Integration With QR Code Ordering Platform Mr Yum

Have you met Mr Yum? Now there are more ways to place orders from the table through a QR Code menu, or online, directly to your Square POS, with Square’s new integration with Mr Yum.

Mr Yum is a web-based mobile ordering and payment platform used by leading hospitality and entertainment venues. Founded in 2018 in Melbourne, Mr Yum is based on the simple idea of “bringing menus to life”. Mr Yum has since made waves in the food and beverage scene and is now directly integrated with Square meaning venues across Australia, the UK and US can now accept orders via their POS quickly, easily and securely.

You can learn more about the Mr Yum integration and Square POS here.

How Mr Yum works with Square POS

By integrating Mr Yum into your Square POS system, you can easily sync menu items, payment details and price points for a seamless table-to-sale experience. Customers simply scan a QR code to order and pay for food and drinks or start a tab for themselves or a group. Getting started with Mr Yum is simple and there are no upfront costs or subscription fees.

Get Started With Square POS

The POS that’s simple to set up and use.

How to get set up with the Mr Yum integration

If you’re already set up with a Square account, follow these steps to allow the integration:

  1. Sign up for a Mr Yum menu here.

  2. Choose your integration option, direct, or via your Doshii or Deliverect account.

  3. The Mr Yum team will contact you to get started, build your menu for you and complete your Mr Yum x Square POS integration. Here’s how the integration works.

We’re excited to partner with Mr Yum as another dynamic global company leading the way in driving innovation. Mr Yum CEO and co-founder Kim Teo says Square is an exciting, dynamic global company that’s led the way in driving innovation in the payments category.

“We’re all about partnering with like-minded businesses that challenge the status quo, are constantly innovating, adapting and creating tools to help hospitality and entertainment businesses make the numbers work. Square is a leader in this space and we’re excited to work together to help businesses grow,”

— Kim Teo, CEO and Co-Founder, Mr Yum

Not set up with a Square account yet? Learn more about how Square For Restaurants and Square POS can help your business.

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