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Sunday Brunch:
Fun for diners. Great for business.

Brunch brings people together and gives us an excuse to celebrate the little things. With the right tools to keep all the orders and energy flowing, restaurants are the key to keeping communities connected.

Tour these brunch spots.
Sound on.

Brunch is good business.

The numbers don’t lie —
people are crazy for brunch.

The NDP Group

Traffic to restaurants fell 2% in the second quarter, but breakfast transactions were unchanged from a year ago.


The number of restaurants serving breakfast and brunch in the US grew 9.8% in 2022.

Breakfast items are typically less expensive than other restaurant offerings, making it an affordable option for diners and sellers alike.

Washington Post

The search term “brunch” has been growing ever since 2004.


#brunch views on TikTok and counting.


of Americans wish restaurants would serve breakfast all-day.


#brunch posts on Instagram and counting.

Brunch can be bananas.

But serving it is worth the grind.

OpenTable +
Square for

Square for Restaurants integrates with OpenTable to help you quickly seat guests, better predict walk-in wait times, and satisfy more diners during peak brunch hours.

Mobile POS

Turn more tables with a handheld POS. Selling out of your top specials? See 86’d items updated in real time and eliminate costly comps and voids.

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Square for Restaurants mobile POS requires a Square for Restaurants Plus subscription.

Kitchen Display

Keep tickets organized during the brunch rush with the Square KDS. Route items to the right stations — with tickets displayed your way — so you can prep more orders in less time.

Square empowers restaurant owners to feed restaurant lovers.

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