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manual entry
in person
Annual credit card sales
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In person

Processing rate

2.6% + 10 cents

Processing method
  • Contactless payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • Chip and PIN payments


Processing rate

2.9% + 30 cents

Processing method
  • Online store
  • Online API

Manually entered

Processing rate

3.5% + 15 cents

Processing method
  • Keyed-in transactions
  • Remote card payments

Keep more of what you make with Square.

On average, 97.05%* of your sales stay in your pocket.

What you keep Competitors’ fees Square fee Competitors You keep 97.05%* Square Here’s a breakdown of where the 2.95%* fee goes when you sell with Square: 63% Interchange fees When Square processes a transaction on your behalf, Square is required to give a percentage of the funds collected to your customer’s card issuer. Assessment fee Square is required to give a percentage of the amount collected from your customer to associations — like Mastercard or Visa — as dues and assessments. 3% Risk and PCI compliance Square products are made with end-to-end encryption and support your PCI compliance so you don’t have to pay extra for your data security. 34% Square services *These percentages reflect a blend of our card-present and card-not-present rates and are meant to be illustrative.

Get more services without the extra fees.

success-blue PCI compliant hardware
success-blue Dispute management
success-blue Active fraud prevention
success-blue End-to-end encrypted payments
success-blue Connected POS and processing
success-blue Live phone support

Custom pricing just for your business.

If you’re processing more than $250,000 every year, you might be able to have a custom pricing package designed for your business. Custom pricing will vary depending on your processing volume, average ticket size, your history as a Square seller, and other factors.

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