Purchase Order Terms for Enterprise Buyers

By placing a purchase order for products, you agree to pay the listed price and related costs.

The purchase and use of the products listed in a purchase order is subject to the Hardware Policies and Limited Liability set forth in https://squareup.com/legal/hardware together with Square’s General Terms of Service at https://squareup.com/legal and Square’s Privacy Policy at https://squareup.com/legal/privacy.

If the parties enter or have entered into a master agreement, purchase agreement or any other definitive agreement (“Master Agreement”), covering procurement of any products, the terms of such Master Agreement shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, for those products.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing, delivery will be made DDP Square’s Ship To location specified in the order (Incoterms 2010).

In the event you do not agree to these terms, in whole or in part, you agree to return all such products undamaged with all packaging still unopened.

Payment terms will be net 30 days.