On Demand Features Terms of Service

Last updated: February 28, 2024

10. On Demand Feature

These terms govern your use of Square’s services providing on-demand access to funds that are equivalent to a portion of your earnings via Instant Deposit, as it may be made available. By using Instant Deposit, you agree to these terms.

Square will determine if and when Instant Deposit (“On Demand Feature” or “On Demand Service”) is made available to you in its sole discretion. If and when the On Demand Feature is made available to you, you may choose to use it at your sole discretion. As part of the On Demand Feature, Square will use its funds to transfer an amount equal to a certain portion of your earned net earnings (“Transfer Amount”). Square will determine the amount of funds available for transfer to you and any limits on the Transfer Amount in its sole discretion. Depending on where your employer’s place of business is located, Square may or may not offer you the On Demand Service, as described below.

Instant Deposit

As part of the Instant Deposit feature, after your employer has run payroll, Square may offer you the option to transfer your net earnings to Cash App or to a debit card of your choice.

Instant Deposit transfer to Cash App

You may request that we route the Transfer Amount instantly to your linked Cash App account for free. You can immediately spend funds transferred to your Cash App Account through Cash Card, a Visa branded debit card that is offered to Cash App customers. Your use of Cash App and Cash Card are subject to the respective Terms and Conditions that govern those products.

Instant Deposit transfer to debit card

Alternatively, you may request that Square route the Transfer Amount to your linked debit card for a service fee as set forth on [our pricing page] (your debit card must be issued by a U.S. financial institution). This fee will be paid to Square for providing Instant Deposit and Square may modify the fee at any time within its sole discretion. The fee amount and the Transfer Amount will be displayed to you prior to your confirmation of the transfer.

Additional On Demand Service Terms

By using Square’s On Demand Feature, you agree that no employment, independent contractor, or third party-beneficiary relationship is created between you and Square.

You must affirmatively opt into the On Demand Feature each time you would like to use it – i.e., your election will not be carried forward automatically to any future transfers. Your use of the On Demand Feature is completely optional, and, if you elect not to use it, the full amount of your net earnings will be transferred to your account on your payday at no cost to you.

Square provides the On Demand Feature in its capacity as your employer’s agent for the limited purpose of providing payroll services and the On Demand Feature. Neither Square nor your employer is lending you money, nor are you selling or assigning Square the right to your earnings.

The On Demand Feature may rely on timecard data or other information provided by you. You represent and warrant that all data and information you provide to us is accurate, complete, and timely. If you provide inaccurate, incomplete, or untimely data we may recover from any amounts received or deposited pursuant to this service.

Square may suspend or cancel the On Demand Feature at any time in its sole discretion. Square may restrict, reject or suspend your use of the On Demand Feature, at any time in its sole discretion.

You acknowledge that your use of the On Demand Feature may be visible to your Employer.