Square Cash Referral Program

Last updated: April 28, 2014

New and current Square Cash users may be provided with a unique referral URL that permits the Square Cash user (each a “Referrer Customer”) to refer acquaintances to Square Cash. Referred customers (each, a “Referred Customer”) must register for Square Cash using the unique URL provided by Square. Subject to these terms and conditions, any Referrer Customer that refers an acquaintance to Square Cash will receive $1 for every such referral when the Referred Customer successfully registers with Square Cash (the “Referral Offer”). In addition, the Referred Customer will receive $1 upon his or her successful registration with Square Cash. Both the Referrer Customer and the associated Referred Customer will each receive the referral deposit to the debit card account registered with Square Cash. Referral deposits will be deposited 1-3 business days after a Referred Customer successfully registers for a Square Cash Account. Determination of program eligibility and qualifying referrals are at the sole discretion of Square. Square reserves the right to verify and adjust referral deposits at any time prior to or following deposit. Your Square Cash account must be active and in good standing, as determined by Square at its sole discretion, to receive the $1 referral deposit. This Referral Offer is intended for Square Cash customers only to refer their acquaintances to Square Cash and should not be advertised, marketed or otherwise utilized for commercial purposes. This Referral Offer is a limited time offer and Square reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel this Referral Offer at any time without notice.