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Talking Squarely

There isn’t one playbook for running a business and the decisions business owners face are rarely straightforward. Every other week, we’ll bring together independent business owners to have frank discussions and share their perspectives on some of the most pressing issues impacting their lives—from the changing rules of commerce to work-life balance.

Episode One: Talking Squarely About What's Next

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the global economy, and in many ways small businesses have been hardest hit. Four business owners from across the country discuss how their respective regions are approaching life after coronavirus, how they’re grappling with the potential return to a new normal, and their experiences navigating it all—from unclear local and federal guidelines to the ability to quickly adapt. Featuring Kallie and Lindsay Wesley, sisters and co-owners of Juxtapose in Tampa, FL; Carrie Morey, founder of Callie’s Little Hot Biscuit in Charleston, SC; and Marc Magliozzi, owner of Dozzino in Hoboken, NJ.

Episode Two: Talking Squarely About Doing Good

In times of crisis, sellers are often motivated to help in whatever way they can. But, how can businesses contribute in times of financial struggle? We sit down with three business owners to discuss the creative ways they are lending a helping hand to those in need and building up their communities. Featuring Sam Shih, owner of 9Tailors in Boston, MA; Yassin Terou, owner of Yassin’s Falafel House in Knoxville, TN; and Lauren Crabbe, owner and CEO of Andytown Coffee in San Francisco, CA.

Episode Three: Talking Squarely About Financial Survival

From downsizing staff to navigating relief programs, businesses are being forced to make difficult financial decisions — more than usual. We ask three businesses how they are dealing with financial uncertainty in a time when simply paying the rent and utility bills seems daunting. Featuring Lauren Stovall of Hot Sam’s in Detroit, MI; Evan Kidera, owner of Senor Sisig in San Francisco, CA; and Brittany Sarhage, owner of Rudy’s Flower Truck in St. Louis, MO.