The power of generative AI
for all businesses

By integrating generative AI into its powerful business software, Square gives sellers a seamless way to automate operations, to speed up workflows, and to regain time.

Work smarter with our latest integrated AI features.

Menu generator

Restaurants can gain valuable momentum opening or relaunching with Square, populating their full menu in just a few minutes and with just a few inputs.

Photo environments

With the latest version of the Photo Studio app, eCommerce sellers can choose from more than 50 style prompts and add hyperreal, AI-generated backgrounds to item photos, elevating their websites and attracting more customers.

“Square’s auto-generated product descriptions feature has completely transformed my business. We’re already expanding our inventory for the upcoming holiday rush, and now I have the ability to draft far more engaging content for my customers in half the time.”

Randy Fulk, co-founder, Korie’s Kloset (Big Bows & Sassy Clothes)

Instant and endless content creation

Personalized email copy

Use integrated ChatGPT to generate personalized email copy and take the guesswork out of communications.

AI-assisted team announcements

Within Square Team Communication, employers can generate and send out team announcements quickly using AI-generated copy, with a choice of topic, length, and tone.

Website copy generator

The AI-assisted copy generator built into Square Online helps sellers save time, level up their websites, and boost SEO — from setup to refresh, from headlines to blog posts.

Suggested replies

Square Messages users now get even more sophisticated AI responses, with the ability to personalize messages to buyers with AI-powered suggested replies that prepopulate names to enrich correspondences.

Accelerated onboarding and setup

Service data migration

No matter how many services a salon or spa offers, they can now automatically import service names, descriptions, durations, and prices to Square Appointments during onboarding to get up and running faster.

Auto-generated library

Save time with our AI-powered starter library. Sellers can set up their catalogs easily and configure items correctly, no matter how complex they are.

Even more efficient operations

Kitchen categories

Even kitchen operations can be optimized with AI — Square KDS can auto-assign menu items to kitchen categories and station screens while back-of-house managers can edit and save catalogs with just a few clicks.

Item descriptions

To manage and customize catalog setup and organization with ease, every Square Point of Sale software can now generate compelling product descriptions in less time, helping sellers attract more buyers across all their integrated selling channels.