Competitive, simple pricing

Talk to us about a custom rate and bulk hardware discounts, and learn how you can reduce your total cost of ownership.

Comprehensive support

24/7 support is available for larger businesses, and we’ll help you get set up and train your staff.

Industry-leading payments security

All hardware and software follow PCI data security standards at no extra cost.

Advanced payment technologies

Accept EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, and other NFC payments, or use Square’s invoice and recurring billing services to get paid fast.

How much are you actually paying?

Square Payment Processing

One simple price

per swipe, dip, or tap.

No hidden fees. Period.

Do you process more than $250K per year?

Talk to us about a custom rate.

Typical Payment Processors

Multiple prices

for different cards and payment types.

Are you charged these fees?
You could be paying more than you think.

  • PCI Compliance Fees
  • Authorization Fees
  • Batch Fees
  • Gateway Fees
  • Early Termination Fees
  • Statement Fees
  • International Card Fees
  • Chargeback Fees
  • Business Card Fees
  • Return Fees
  • Non-Qualified Fees

Do you know what your total blended rate really is?

We can help you figure out the rate you’re actually paying.

Make a seamless switch.

Switching is easier than you think. A Square implementation expert will help you set up hardware and software, connect your existing apps and services, train your staff, and get the most out of Square.

Integrate apps you’re already using

No need to start over—simply connect your suite of existing services to Square and pick up where you left off.

Learn more about Square App Marketplace

Build with Square’s API

Take payments with Square on your website, integrate Square’s hardware in your stores, and sync items, prices, and sales data with your existing software systems.

Learn more about Square Payments API

More powerful software to help you get more done.

Square syncs an enterprise-level payments engine with a sophisticated software ecosystem to power and grow businesses of every size. From your front of house to your back office—everything you need is at your fingertips.

Cut down your admin time

With a powerful suite of in-house software and the ability to connect to services you’re already using, Square has all the tools you need to run a complex business.

Not just reports—real-time data, too

With Square, you can sign in to your Dashboard on any device to manage your business and see real-time data from all your locations.

Reduce your labor and inventory costs

Take care of multiple locations and employees with low-inventory alerts and employee permissions.

Increase customer spend by 20%

Businesses that use Square’s customer engagement tools see their customers coming back and spending 20% more than normal on their next visit.

Industry-leading payment security

Advanced safety and authentication keep your account secure, while credit card data is encrypted for each transaction. All hardware and software follow PCI data security standards at no extra cost.

Does your current point of sale work offline?

Square’s Offline Mode means your business stays up—and your money is secure—even when your signal goes down.

Upgrade your hardware, lower your costs.

Square’s state-of-the-art hardware is ready for every business size and budget. With a free point of sale app and sophisticated security features, Square has some of the most powerful and affordable hardware you’ll find.

Countertop or on the go

Set up Square hardware at your counter or take it with you anywhere you sell.

All payment technologies accepted

Securely accept EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and magstripe cards.

Integrate top accessories

Connect kitchen and receipt printers, bar code scanners, Fresh KDS, cash drawers, and more.

Buying in bulk? Save in bulk

Talk to us about a discount when you buy Square hardware in bulk.

Watch how 14-location coffee roaster and cafe La Colombe switched to Square—overnight.

Make the switch to Square today.

Our Sales team can help you with a custom rate and hardware discounts, and get you set up with the right solution to meet your business needs.

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