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Square Online settings

Square Online has multiple types of settings you can manage from your Dashboard depending on how many websites you have in your Square account. To learn more about how to navigate the rest of Square Online, check out how to navigate the Square Online Overview page in Dashboard.

Note: These settings are different from site preferences.

Accounts with one website


If you have one website in your account, the Settings tab has everything you need to set up your online store and start selling. Adjust settings to:

Accounts with multiple websites


If you have multiple websites in your account, then you'll see settings split up in two.

Note: Some of the options outlined in the rest of the Square Online navigation menu will be located in Shared Settings when you have multiple websites in your account.


Settings are for the specific website you're viewing from your Square Online Overview page. Adjust settings to:

Shared settings

Shared Settings will apply to all websites in your Square Online account, regardless of the website you're currently viewing. Adjust shared settings to: