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Manage Multiple Websites with Square Online

You can create additional websites from your Square Online Overview page and assign items and locations from your Item Library to each site.

Add a New Site

To add a new site:

  1. Click your account name in the upper-right corner and select Add Site.

  2. Follow the prompts to name the new site and choose a location to sell from.

  3. Complete the set up steps to start building your new site, or exit the site editor via the X on the upper left.

Switch Between Sites

Once you have at least two websites in your account, you can access the site switcher menu above the navigation menu. Use the menu to select a site, and the overview page updates to display information about the selected site.


Shared Settings

Some features and settings are shared among all websites in your account, while some are site specific. Items below the horizontal line in the navigation menu are shared settings, while those above the line are specific to the currently selected website.

The following settings are shared across all of your sites:

  • General Settings, like Item Sale badges, units of measure and image ratio, are shared between all sites.

  • Checkout Settings, such as the Apple Pay and Google Pay options, are applied to all of your sites. You may have different processing fees for some sites depending on whether they are upgraded or not.

  • Gift Cards. If you’ve enabled gift cards, they can be purchased and redeemed on any of your websites.

  • Coupons. Like gift cards, any coupons you create can be used at all of your websites.

  • Abandoned Basket emails. When enabled, Abandoned Basket emails are active for all websites as long as they have an upgrade that includes this feature. You can set up a unique sender profile for each site with different business information and branding that applies to all store emails as well (order confirmations, etc).

  • Item Reviews. This feature is also applied to all websites with the appropriate upgrade. Customer reviews are not filtered by location, so if an item is available on two websites, all reviews will be shown regardless of where the purchase originated.

  • Shipping, Pickup and Delivery settings. These settings are shared across all websites, but you can choose a dispatch-from location and edit pickup and delivery location visibility per site.

  • Tax rules and settings.

Assign Items to Categories and Sites

All websites in your account use the same item library, but you can assign items at the site level, so you can sell an item on only one or any combination of sites in your account. Only visible items that are assigned to a site will appear on the Shop All or Order Online page for that website.

When viewing items, you will only see items that are assigned to the currently selected website. To view your entire item library, visit the Items page on your Square dashboard.

To assign an existing item to a site:

  1. Use the Site Switcher menu to choose which site you want to work with.

  2. Go to Items > Site Items and click Add from item library.

  3. Search to find specific items by name or use the Filters option to view items by location availability or stock quantity.

  4. Click Add items to save your changes.

You can also view which sites an item is available on and edit the visibility.

To view and edit item visibility:

  1. Go to Items > Site Items and click on an item to edit.

  2. Choose a visibility option, then click the link to view which sites the item is assigned to.

  3. Use the tick boxes to select or deselect sites, then save.

Categories are unique to each website. You can assign items to categories from any site and see which site a category belongs to.

To assign an item to one or more categories:

  1. Go to Items > Site Items and click on an item to edit.

  2. Under Categories, click Choose Categories.

  3. Use the menu to choose which set of categories to view, then tick the boxes to add the item to those categories.

To view, add and edit categories for a specific site:

  1. Use the Site Switcher menu to choose which site you want to work with.

  2. Go to Items > Categories and click Add Category to create a new category, or click an existing category to edit.

  3. Choose items to assign to the category and save.

Shipping, Pickup and Delivery Settings

You must have a dispatch-from location assigned to each site that will dispatch online orders. The dispatch-from location is chosen during the site creation process. All other delivery settings are shared across all sites in your account.

To edit the dispatch-from location:

  1. Go to Settings > Delivery on your dashboard.

  2. Click the edit link next to the dispatch-from location you want to modify.

  3. Edit the location and save to apply your changes.

Pickup and Delivery settings are also shared for all sites, so if you’ve enabled one or both options for a location, they’ll be available on all sites using that location. You can edit the visibility for a location to exclude specific websites if need be.

To edit site visibility:

  1. Go to Settings > Pickup & Delivery on your dashboard.

  2. Select Edit Location and click the Edit link for Site Visibility.

  3. Tick the boxes to select or deselect sites for this location, then save.

Managing Orders

Only orders for the currently selected site are displayed on the Orders page. Use the site switcher to change sites and view other orders. You can also view orders from every website in your account.

To view orders from all sites:

  1. Go to Orders on your dashboard.

  2. Select View all orders.

  3. A new tab will open and load the Orders page in your Square account.

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