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Manage multiple websites with Square Online

You can create additional websites from your Square Online Overview page and assign items from your Square account to each one.

To understand all Square Online tools and features in your Dashboard, learn how to navigate the Square Online Overview page in Dashboard.

Add a new site


To create additional sites in Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, select the site switcher dropdown menu.

  2. Select Add site.

  3. Enter any applicable business and fulfilment information, and choose one of multiple themes to quickly design your new site.

Note: If you don’t see the site switcher menu, select the menu in the upper right corner of the Overview page and select Add site.

Switch between sites


When you open the site switcher menu and select a site, your Overview page will update to display information about the selected site. Under each site, you can also select ••• to:

  • Duplicate site: Duplicating a site will only duplicate your site content, and not eCommerce information such as items, fulfilment or locations.

  • Change site title: Learn about site preferences for more information on site titles.

  • Delete site: Deleting a site is not reversible. Use this option with caution.

Shared settings

Some features and settings are shared across all websites in your account, while some are site-specific. Items below the horizontal line in the navigation menu are shared settings, while those above the line are specific to the website currently selected. Learn about Square Online settings for more information.

Assign items and categories to sites

All websites in your account use the same item catalogue, but you can assign items and categories to specific ones. Only visible items that are assigned to a site will appear on that site’s ordering page. For more information on assigning items and categories, learn how to Manage Square Online item settings, or about creating and managing item categories.

Fulfilment settings


You must have a ship-from location assigned to each site that will ship online orders. The ship-from location is chosen during the site creation process. All other shipping settings are shared across all sites in your account.

To edit the ship-from location:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Fulfilment > Shipping.
  2. Select Edit by the ship-from location you want to change.
  3. Edit the location and Save to apply your changes.

Pickup and local delivery

Pickup and local delivery settings are also shared for all sites, so if you’ve enabled one or both options for a location, they’ll be available on all sites using that location. You can edit the visibility for a location to exclude specific websites if need be.

To edit site visibility for pickup and local delivery:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Fulfilment > Pickup & Delivery.
  2. Select Edit by the location you want to change, then go to Site visibility.
  3. Tick the boxes to select or deselect sites for this location, then Save.

Manage orders

View orders from every website in your account (plus orders from any of your other channels) by going to your Square Order Manager in the dashboard. Learn more about managing online orders with Square.

Assign domains

When adding another site to your account or duplicating an existing one, be sure to assign a domain to your new site so you can publish it online. You can either choose a free Square subdomain or a custom domain with your own branding. If you're duplicating an existing site to start over, you also have the option of disconnecting your custom domain from your existing site so you can assign it to your new one.

For details on all of your domain options, learn more about getting started with domains for Square Online.

Translate your sites

Translating your Square Online sites is a great way to reach more customers for your business. If you have a diverse customer base that interacts with your business in different languages, you can make your websites multilingual using a few available methods. Learn more about translating your Square Online site.

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