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Navigate the Square Online Site Editor

The site editor for Square Online is the tool you use to build and customize your ecommerce website with Square. From design tools to integrations with social media, you can take your business online and create a website customers will love to visit.

Even without ecommerce features, use the Square Online site editor to build a website to share blog-style Stories or host videos. You can also display PDF files or add a contact form for site visitors to reach you directly. Explore the editor to view all of your options.

Access the Site Editor


To access the site editor for Square Online:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Ecommerce > Online to go to the Square Online Overview page.

  2. Select Edit site to open the Square Online site editor.

Note: To edit your site on the go, log in to your Square account on a mobile device or download our Square Point of Sale app. Learn more about managing Square Online from Square Point of Sale.

Understand the Editing Panel


The editing panel displays your editing options based on the currently selected page, section, or element on your site. It updates in real-time as you add content and make changes. Here are some tools within the editing panel:

Page dropdown menu

Select the Page dropdown menu to load a page on your site preview or add more pages. When a page is loaded, you can manage the sections on that page.

Add content

Select the +Add icon to add either a Section, Page, Item, or Category to your site. Which of these options you can use is dependent on the kind of page you have open in the site preview. Learn more about adding an item and category to Square Online in the site editor.

Manage page options

Select the gear icon to see options for managing the page you’re viewing. Learn more about how to create pages and navigation in Square Online for more information on your page management options.

Site design

Select the Site design button to open the design settings for your website. Learn more about designing and customizing your Square Online site.

Understand the Toolbar


The buttons in the toolbar provide the following functions:

  • Switch the view from desktop to mobile so you can check out how the site looks on both small and large screens.

  • Undo or redo a change by selecting the left and right arrows.

  • View options for upgrading the site you're editing by selecting Upgrade.

  • Visit our support center for help by selecting the question mark icon.

  • View quick tips by selecting Guides.

  • Preview the site as it'll appear when live, and get a private link to Share with others. Learn more about how to check out the site preview.

  • Publish your website to make it live and visible to everyone.

Navigate the Site Editor

Learn more about navigating the site editor with these videos.

Learn more about: Dashboard

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