Navigate the Square Online Editor

Need to make some changes to your website? Read on to learn how to navigate the website editor like a pro.


The editor is divided into three main parts, as shown in the image above. We’ll go over each of them individually here.

The right hand side of the screen shows the currently selected page. This updates in real time as you add content to the page and make changes.


On the left you’ll find a list of the page sections for the page you are viewing. Click on any item in the list to view and edit the options. Mouse over a section to automatically scroll to it on the right. Use the “. . .” button to delete a section or change its position on the page. You can add more sections with the Add sections button. The gear icon on the upper right opens up the settings for the page, where you can change the page title and edit SEO and social media options. The Site design button at the bottom opens the color and font settings for your website.


On the upper left is the Pages list, which contains all the pages you’ve added to your site along with an Add button to create more. Clicking on any page here will load that page on the right hand side of the screen so you can easily start editing. Use Edit link at the bottom of the Pages list to edit and rearrange the pages shown in your website navigation menu.


Last but not least, the buttons in the center at the top of the window provide the following functions:

  • Switch the view from desktop to mobile, so you can check out how the site looks on both small and larger screens.

  • Undo or redo a change with the left and right arrows.

  • View options for upgrading your site with the Upgrade link.

  • Visit our support site for help using the question mark icon.

  • View quick tips using the Guides button (you may not see this if you have already completed the guides).

  • Preview the site as it will appear when live and get a link to share with others.

  • Publish your website to make it live and visible to others online.

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