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Navigate the Square Online Overview Page in Dashboard

The Square Online Overview page contains key information about your website and additional tools to help you grow your business online. Like other Overview pages in Dashboard, you can access the Square Online Overview page by going to your online Square Dashboard and selecting Online > Online. Learn more about how to navigate the online Square Dashboard.

Note: If you have multiple sites in your account, you’ll see a line break in the navigation menu. This line break indicates that all tabs above it are for the specific site you’re viewing, and all tabs below it affect all of the sites in your account (regardless of the site you’re currently viewing).

Below, you’ll understand what each link in the navigation menu means and what you can do to manage the different aspects of Square Online.



This is the primary landing page for Square Online in your Square Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of your website’s stats for the week. You can complete the following actions on the Overview page:

  • The Edit site button allows you to quickly access the Square Online site editor.

  • Quickly confirm if your site is accepting online orders or not.

  • If you have multiple sites in Square Online, you can use the site switcher dropdown menu in the upper left to see the other websites in your account.

  • If you need to return to the homepage of your online Square Dashboard, select the menu in the upper left where it says Online and select the Home icon. You can also access other Square products from this menu.

  • Upgrade your website.

  • Get Support for Square Online in our Support Centre.

  • Use the menu on the upper right to access the following options:

    • Add site: Create more sites in your Square Online account.

    • Duplicate site: Create a copy of your selected site. Note: Duplicating a site will only duplicate your site content (not ecommerce information such as items, fulfilment or locations).

    • Account settings: The Account settings area of your Square Online Overview page is where you can view and manage all of Square Online services such as paid plans for your websites, domain services and email services. You can also view your payment history or download your data for Square Online. Learn more about how to manage your Square Online subscriptions. Note: To manage account settings for your Square account, go back to your Account & Settings page in Dashboard. The Account settings area of your Square Online Overview page is for Square Online only, and doesn’t affect your Square account or other Square products. Learn how to edit your Square account settings.


Go to Website to:


Go to Items to:


Go to Orders to view and manage online orders.


Go to Fulfilment to configure fulfilment options such as:


Note: View advanced reports by upgrading your Square Online site.

Go to Reports to have an in-depth look at your website and commerce statistics. View and compare your traffic and sales over the time period of your choice using the dropdown menus in each tab. Learn more about Square Online reports.


Go to Communications to:

Sales Channels

Go to Sales Channels to:

  • Learn how to make retail items shoppable on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping with Meta for Business.

  • Learn how to add “Order Food” buttons to your Facebook and Instagram profiles with Facebook Food Ordering.


Go to Apps to manage the apps connected to Square Online from the Square App Marketplace.


Square Online has multiple kinds of Settings you can manage depending on how many websites your account has. Learn more about Square Online settings.

Note: Some of the options outlined above might be located in settings if you have multiple websites in your account.

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