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Use a Free Subdomain with Square Online

If you don't already own a custom domain and aren't ready to buy one, you can create a free subdomain (like for your Square Online site. This helps with getting you up and running quickly while you continue building and editing your site.

Use the Pre-set Subdomain


When you first set up your Square Online site, you’ll automatically get a free subdomain that’s based on your business information.

You can view the current subdomain in your Square Online Overview page by going to Website > Site Preferences. Select Customise and review your pre-set subdomain. If you’re happy with this subdomain, publish your website from the Square Online site editor whenever you’re ready to go live.

Change Your Subdomain


To change your free subdomain:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Website > Site Preferences.

  2. Under Site Address, select Customise.

  3. Select Use a Square subdomain and enter your preferred subdomain name (e.g.

  4. Select Change when finished.

  5. Publish your site from the Square Online site editor to see the change live.