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Choose Website Fonts in Square Online

Font sets help simplify the task of choosing fonts for your website. These curated typefaces are designed to look great together and ensure that your text is reader-friendly on any screen.

Choose a Font Set

Click the Site Design button in the website editor to open the settings.


These are the design options for your entire website. Fonts are grouped into categories based on style, like Modern or Classic, and each includes a few suggested font pairings. Click on a button to switch to the next pairing in that set and see the new fonts applied to the text on the page. Continue clicking the button to cycle through the suggested fonts and see the changes applied on the page. The blue lines on the buttons indicate the number of pairs and which one you’re currently viewing.
When you’re finished, click the X icon to exit the design settings.

Advanced Font Options


The Advanced font options panel offers even more choices. From the Site Design panel, click the settings icon in the top-right corner of the Fonts section. Use the menus here to choose different fonts for the title and body text on your website. Try different combinations to see what works best for your style. Click the back arrow icon to return to the Site Design panel or click the X icon to close the panel. Don’t forget to publish your website to make your changes live.

You can also upload your own custom fonts from this same area by selecting Add fonts. Here you’ll be able to upload a new font or manage the ones you’ve already uploaded. You may need to upgrade your website to use the custom font feature.

Edit Text Size and Format

To adjust the size of the text on your website, click on the text to open the options. Use the menus on the left to adjust the size, add formatting or change to a different font. The options may vary depending on the type of section and text that you’re editing.