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Square Appointments and Square Online FAQ

Review answers to frequently asked questions about Square Appointments and Square Online.

Getting Started

Can I use Square Online with Square Appointments?


How can I learn more about Square Online?

Check out getting started with Square Online.

How can I effectively build a website for my business?

With Square Online, you can create a professional website to offer a seamless way to receive appointment bookings. Learn more about how to navigate the Square Online site editor to start building your site.

If you already have a Square Appointments subscription, you can add a navigation link to your site that will automatically link to your Square Appointments calendar, making it easier for customers to book services with you. You can also build a customizable site by adding an online booking page to Square Online.

Note: Your online booking page can be powered by Square Online, but you may also still be using an older booking page powered by Square’s previous booking software. Additionally, you can embed booking buttons and widgets on a website built outside of Square. For additional information on building your online booking page using Square Online and other tools, learn more about how to set up online bookings with Square Appointments.

Setting Up Your Business Online

How do I set up my services?

Learn how to add items and categories in Square Online. You can also learn how to sell non-physical items such as services, and limit availability for non-physical items so that service items are only available for purchase in a desired region.

Can I set up multiple locations with Square Online?

Yes. When your customers book online, they can specify the location if you have more than one.

Can I manually set up categories in Square Online?

Yes. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Site Categories, and select Add Category. Give your new category a name, and add any items you want to include by selecting Choose items.

Learn more about adding items and categories in Square Online.

Will Square Gift Cards work on Square Online?

Yes. If a customer has a Square Gift Card associated with your business, they’ll be able to apply their balance during the checkout flow.

Will customers who book an appointment through my Square Online site be added to my customer directory?



Why didn’t I receive notification when my customer booked online?

Depending on your email provider, notifications will sometimes be filtered to your spam folder. Double-check your spam folder, and add the following email address to your contacts:







Will customers receive my customized digital receipts for online purchases?

When a customer places an order through Square Online, they’ll receive a receipt from the Square Online site only. These can be customized in the store emails section of your Square Online Overview page. Learn more about customizing store emails in Square Online.

You can also send a customer a digital receipt with Square at any time from your app or online Square Dashboard.

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