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Get Started With Your Customer Directory

This article will provide a brief overview of the Customer Directory, giving you the basic information you need to get started on advanced features.

How It Works

Square’s Customer Directory is a contact management tool where you can store customer information, view how they interact with your business and engage with them – all in one place.

You can manually add or import customers to your directory in bulk.

Customer Profiles

You can create customer profiles individually and in bulk using a CSV file import to your online Square Dashboard.

Customer profiles include the following sections:

  • Actions:
    • Edit Customer: Allows you to add and update information for the selected profile.
    • Actions Menu: Click the 3-dotted icon to Add Card, Merge with another Customer, Upload File and Delete Customer.
  • Personal Information: Save and view a customer’s name along with other information the customer chooses to provide, including their contact information, address, birthday and additional notes).
  • Cards on File: Securely store a customer’s payment card information for future payments.
  • Activity: View the customer’s activity at your business, including purchases and Feedback sent about your business.

Instant Profiles

Instant Profiles are customer profiles that are automatically created following a transaction. If a customer’s name is collected from their payment card and a matching profile doesn’t already exist within your directory, Square will create an Instant Profile. Future purchases made with that card will update the customer’s profile with new transaction details and other activity with your business.

Instant Profiles appear in the Instant Profile group in your Customer Directory and can be filtered by using the creation source filter and selecting Instant profile (via payment).

Customer Groups at a Glance

Term Definition
All Customers This group represents all of the customers saved in your directory.
Smart Groups Categories used to automatically group your customers based on their visit frequency or engagement with your business. Smart Groups are dynamic, and the list of customers within them may change over time as customers meet the criteria for the group.
Two smart groups are included by default in your Customer Directory: Regulars and Lapsed customers. Using filters, you can create customised Smart Groups that meet the criteria of your choosing.    
  Regulars Group A Smart Group that includes your most loyal, frequent customers. By default, this group is set to collect customers who’ve visited your business three times in the last six months. You can edit the settings of this group by clicking Actions > Edit Group in your directory.
  Lapsed Group A Smart Group that includes customers who were Regulars, but haven’t visited in the last six weeks. You can edit the settings of this group by clicking Actions > Edit Group in your directory.

Now that you have an understanding of how profiles work, learn how to manage customer profiles in your directory.