We know that now more than ever access to online support is important to small business owners.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Seller Community for sellers in the UK. The Square Seller Community is a new online space built for you to connect with other business owners, ask questions about using Square, share tips and tricks, and receive updates directly from our team.

Think of the Community as your virtual chamber of commerce where you can learn from and contribute to the collective wisdom of the Square Seller Community.

Why should you join the Community?

  • Support you can’t get anywhere else: Find answers to common questions about using Square (and we’ll do our best to answer uncommon questions too) and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to. When you ask a question on the Community another business owner can reply to share their experience or a member of the Community team will swoop in to help.
  • Become a Super seller: Have you ever helped someone get set up with Square? Have you ever shared on social media how Square has helped your business? If so, we’ve built a program to recognise and reward top sellers like you.
  • Hear Square news first: Subscribe to Product Updates to receive updates about Square’s newest features and tools for your business. For example, learn what’s included in each Square Terminal update with Square Terminal Release Notes.
  • Meet and collaborate with other sellers: Sign up today to meet and learn from other business owners just like you.
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