How this pub experienced up to 20% customer growth using Square and OpenTable in 5 months

10–20% increase in customers with the OpenTable integration in just five months, 100% increase in revenue since adopting Square, less than 30 minutes to train staff on the POS.

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Since the pub started using Square, revenue has doubled, which the owner, Joss, attributes in large part to the seamless POS and suite of tools. Find out how they did it with Square, below:

The Pigs Nose Inn is a bustling traditional English pub and an independent music venue in the beachside town of Devon that hosts artists such as Atomic Kitten and Lee “Scratch” Perry. During the summer it’s a popular destination for tourists, accommodating up to 400 guests.

The pub began using Square in 2016 when owner Joss Webber wanted a fast and secure way to process touchless card payments. “Square software is extremely easy to use and has tools like charts and data that are really helpful,” Joss said. Since the pub started using Square, revenue has doubled, which Joss attributes in large part to the seamless POS and suite of tools. As Joss’ need for a POS system grew, he added the Square Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Square Team Management to save time for both himself and his staff.

“A lot of people use the OpenTable website and app when booking a place to eat around here. In just five months since we started using OpenTable, we’ve seen a 10–20% increase in customers.”

-Joss Webber, Owner, The Pigs Nose Inn.

Square saves time for staff, management and customers.

Joss uses Square for Restaurants Plus to manage everything from marketing and payments to organising the staff and kitchen. For example, previously, staff took written orders at the bar and walked them to the kitchen. With the Square KDS, orders are automatically transferred to the kitchen, which saves time and doesn’t leave customers waiting or staff having to run back and forth.

Square for Restaurants POS

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OpenTable and Square for Restaurants

Sync your Square for Restaurants account with Open Table for a real-time overview of the floor plan, table and coursing information from within the Square dashboard.

The staff loves using the Square POS system and app on their mobiles for scheduling, swapping shifts and requesting days off. In the summer, Joss’s team doubles in size, so it’s important that new hires hit the ground running.

“It takes less than a half hour to onboard the staff on the POS system. People who have come from other POS systems say that the Square system is by far the easiest to use.”

- Joss Webber, Owner, The Pigs Nose Inn.

Square helps to attract and retain more customers.

The Pig’s Nose Inn’s latest adoptions of Square products have helped them attract and retain more customers. During the pandemic, the pub started taking reservations for the first time to comply with social distancing rules. They used Square for Restaurants Plus to optimise seating and floor plans, but Joss was struggling with an efficient booking system.

In October 2022, Joss started using the OpenTable integration to manage bookings and help people discover his pub and venue. “Before OpenTable, we tried doing a pen-and-paper approach with a reservation book, but the phones didn’t stop ringing,” notes Joss. Not only has it made online bookings a breeze, but being part of the OpenTable platform has attracted as many as 10–20% more customers as it has given the pub visibility to those travelling from London, for example.

Joss also appreciates how the synced Square for Restaurants app and OpenTable app “talk to each other” and share information. He and his team can access everything in the POS, from floor plans and real-time table status alerts to spend-per-table and personalised customer data, like food allergies and table preferences. This not only benefits the business but also creates a more personalised dining experience for customers.

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“I really do think Square is the best software out there. It has the most features that hit every part of the business.”

-Joss Webber, Owner, The Pigs Nose Inn.

Joss also uses Square Marketing features such as Square eGift Cards and discounts on birthdays and holidays, which he says have “massively improved customer engagement.”

With The Pigs Nose Inn busier than ever, Joss has big plans for the future and looks forward to working with Square to make them happen. “People who come to our concerts want to be served quickly so they can watch the music,” Joss noted, adding that this is where Square comes in. “Working with Square just makes running the business a lot easier.”

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