Take PCI compliance off your plate with Square

Is your head spinning yet? You could read this 40-page guide, complete an exhaustive PCI self-assessment and/or pay a third-party consultant (like the ones listed above) a lot of money to ensure you’re up to date on PCI-compliance standards. Or you could use Square, which requires no filing, no paperwork and no additional cost.

PCI dss compliance checklist intro

If you use Square for all storage, processing and transmission of your customers’ card data, you won’t need to take any steps to become PCI compliant and you won’t need to pay any PCI-compliance fees—so you can toss out your PCI compliance checklist once and for all.

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Square users aren’t required to self-validate their PCI compliance, or need to worry if they’re meeting checklists for PCI compliance. As the merchant of record, Square takes on the burden of staying PCI compliant. No checklists, assessments, or audits required.

Square’s card-processing systems adhere to the PCI DSS to alleviate these vulnerabilities and protect cardholder data on your behalf — so you don’t have to worry about hiring costly consultants or conducting exhaustive reviews of your payments hardware and software.

And since Square is the merchant of record for every transaction, we deal with the banks on your behalf and take care of the PCI-compliance checklists, regulations and processing for you so that you can focus on running your business. We’ll advocate and work in good faith to resolve any disputes related to a transaction.

Best of all, we provide PCI-compliant software at no additional cost to you. We never charge extra monthly fees or force you to complete checklists to demonstrate PCI compliance. We do it all for free on your behalf.