6 Father’s Day Advertising & Marketing Best Practices

Father’s Day – which falls on the 18th of June this year – is a very special day on the calendar, with families across the country celebrating with gifts, outings and dad-themed treats. And it goes without saying that all these festivities and present-giving make for a great commercial opportunity for business owners to boost sales.

To help you ensure your Father’s Day marketing campaign is on point, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the best practices for enhancing sales and commerce in the weeks leading up to the event.

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6 Father’s Day advertising & marketing best practices

1. Launch a Fathers-Day themed digital campaign

Today, a significant amount of gift buying occurs online with 51% of people surveyed in the UK saying they did the majority of their present shopping online in 2022. If you have an online store, consider adapting your website or e-commerce storefront to the theme of Father’s Day. This could come in the form of a banner or a specialised section of the e-commerce site dedicated to Father’s Day gifts.

You may also wish to create a Father’s Day email campaign reminding people that the day is approaching and offering a rundown of gift ideas. You can send these automated emails using Square’s Marketing Software.

2. Create a Father’s Day display

While online you can create a digital campaign around a Father’s Day theme, in-store you can instead opt for a physical display. This may involve curating shop items that would make great presents for dads, including male grooming products, household tools and tech products.

3. Promote Father’s Day themed products

Any event that involves gift-giving is a great opportunity for businesses to promote slow-moving stock through cross-selling and upselling. Consider putting together bundles or collections tailored to Father’s Day. For example, a male grooming kit, including an electric razor, nose hair trimmer, and shaving gel – and you can throw in some soap or other cosmetic product that you’ve had trouble getting off the shelves.

4. Launch a Father’s Day social media campaign

A lot of your potential customers are on social media, with 33% of UK shoppers buying products through social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook. A great way to boost sales ahead of Father’s Day is to make cross-channel posts with recommendations for gift ideas. You can reach larger audiences on platforms like TikTok by being creative and following trends.

In order to determine your social media strategy, you need to identify your target audience. Generally speaking, when it comes to the relationship of different generations with social media, boomers are more active on Facebook, millennials prefer Instagram and Gen Z have more presence on TikTok. Square Customer Directory can help you get to know your customers better.

5. Create and post Father’s Day content

In order to reach your desired target audience, consider publishing Father’s Day content online in the form of blog posts, videos or podcasts. This is often cheap to produce, and if you post high-quality and engaging content on a frequent basis, it can significantly increase the reach and traffic to your e-commerce site. Some examples of Father’s Day content are blog posts around themes such as “How to find the perfect gift for dad” or “Customers share their best Father’s Day memory”.

6. Release a special Father’s Day discount code

Another great way to attract customers is to offer a special promo code for Father’s Day. You can add a popup to your website announcing the code, post it across your social media channels and/or send out an email.

How to offer an opt-out option for Father’s Day content

For some people, Father’s Day can be difficult. For example, those who have lost a parent, have grown up without one or for those struggling with infertility. For this reason, it’s compassionate to offer subscribers and customers the option to opt-out of receiving Father’s Day themed emails. You can do this through marketing automation, allowing people to choose their preferences when it comes to the marketing and advertising they receive. You can also send an ‘opt-out email’ a few weeks before the event.

How do you market for Father’s Day?

The best way to market Father’s Day will depend on the nature of your business. Some companies drive conversions from launching Father’s Day email campaigns and posting Father’s Day ads on their social media channels. Others prefer to keep it simple with an in-store Father’s Day display. To determine what Father’s Day promo ideas would work best for you, get to know your target audience and the kind of promotional material they’re most responsive to.

How to increase sales with Father’s Day?

With the right Father’s Day advertising campaign, it’s possible to drive more conversions and see more sales around the event. In order to do this, you’ll need to create Father’s Day campaigns and orient your store around its themes.

When should you start advertising for Father’s Day?

The most effective time to start advertising for Father’s Day is in the weeks running up to the event as this is when consumers start planning and thinking about gift ideas and activities.

Father’s Day can be a great opportunity to enhance sales through the right promotional campaigns and marketing strategy. Consider implementing the above advertisement ideas to boost conversions in your business.

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