Why You Should Ditch Your Receipt Printer and Go Paperless

Paper receipts can be a pain for businesses and customers alike. For you, the purchase of hardware and ongoing receipt rolls is a serious cost of doing business. For your customers, the inconsistency in receipt formats coupled with the need to retain them for warranty or tax purposes for years to come is a challenge.

The environmental impact of receipts is not small, either. In the UK alone, over 11 billion receipts are printed each year - that’s enough paper to reach the moon several times over - and results in a global impact that is unsustainable.

At Square we’re big believers in encouraging British small businesses to go paperless whenever possible. This is why we’ve included email and SMS receipts as a free addition to the long list of special features in Square Point of Sale.

Globally, Square sellers send over 10 million digital receipts to their customers every month. Not only does this help the environment, but your business, too - Square’s digital receipts are packed with extra goodies and ways you can develop a one-to-one relationship with your customers:

  • Feature links to your business website, Facebook or Twitter pages.
  • Square Feedback lets customers send feedback about their experiences (good or bad!) directly to your Square Dashboard, all via receipt.
  • Respond directly to customer feedback from your Square Dashboard to proactively address negative reviews before they’re posted on social media.

Get started on Square Point of Sale, which includes digital receipts as a free added feature. Help us get rid of paper receipts for good!