City Boiler Repair

City Boiler Repair worker fixing boiler

Where would we be without boiler repair services? When your radiators start struggling to reach the right temperature or your boiler leaves you without heat and hot water altogether, an emergency repair team on your doorstep is a sight for sore eyes.

One such hero company is City Boiler Repair, serving central and west London with maintenance, repairs, installation, inspection and flushing. The business is family-run with a local ethos, thriving on customer referrals to friends, family and other local businesses. And with a 99% same day response rate, they offer the kind of fast, reliable service that saves the day when your heating packs in. However, the same was sadly not true of their payment systems.

As with so many independent home repair businesses, getting paid on time was tricky. Customers were invoiced straight after a job, but the only way for them to pay was via bank transfer or postal cheque. This left City Boiler Repair playing a frustrating waiting game, with the administration team spending more time chasing than processing payments. It became difficult for management to plan ahead, with late payments becoming a regular occurrence.

The much-needed upgrade to City Boiler Repair’s approach to payments came last year when they discovered Square Virtual Terminal. By using the free software to transform company computers into card terminals, the administration team could manually process payments from their web browser and get the money fast. Angel, in the busy administration team, saw this change in action: “We use Square Virtual Terminal to take payments from our clients over the phone. It’s been a real game-changer for the way we do business — it means our administration team can chase payments from the office. And it’s very reliable. The money is always in our account the next business day.”

city boiler repair man using virtual terminal on laptop

With card fast becoming people’s preferred way to pay, City Boiler Repair is now increasing the speed of its cash flow, whilst building better relationships with customers. “Square Virtual Terminal means we can get paid quickly by our clients. We just need to call the client from the office and key in the transactions on the secure portal on the computer.” says Angel.

By accepting card payments through Square Virtual Terminal, City Boiler Repair have become a 21st century business. They can now take over the phone payments for one flat fee, get paid straight after every job and spend less energy processing cheques. It’s great for customers and great for business.

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