8 Christmas Window Display Ideas For Your Store

With the festive season fast approaching, retailers up and down the country have their garlands and candy canes at the ready to transform their shop floors. But if you’re yet to feel inspired, fret not. Below we’ll take you through our list of decorative tips, tricks and ideas to make your Christmas window display extra merry and bright.

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8 festive window display ideas

1. Work your products into the display

You have a magnificent vision in mind for a window display with holly, fake snow and a Christmas tree. But aside from a charming sight, you want customers to be drawn to the products you’re actually selling. With that in mind, think of ways you can incorporate your stock into the exhibit. For example, if you’re a bakery you might feature some of your festive treats like a gingerbread house or chocolate yule log. A cosmetic store, meanwhile, could compile bundles of products into festively wrapped gift boxes under the Christmas tree.

2. Make your display standout

Shoppers wandering the high street are going to be tantalised by a number of alluring window displays. To get them to enter your store and skip the others, you’re going to need to stand out. This means doing more than just putting up tinsel and garlands, but getting extra creative using a range of bold, Christmas colours to draw the eye. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. With a little inventiveness and imagination, you can find ways to create something unique even on a budget. For example, a fun and cheap idea is to hang your shop’s gift cards on the Christmas tree with ribbons and candy canes.

3. Pick a theme

Opting to arrange your display around a particular theme can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing. For example, you might choose to channel the nutcracker and feature wind up toys with golden embellishments. This would work great if you’re selling toys or Christmas decorations. Alternatively you might go with a winter wonderland theme with plenty of snow and icey snowflakes. It’s completely up to you. But whatever you choose, do your best to have your display match the theme of your shop interior too.

4. Choose a colour scheme

Similarly, the most visually striking displays usually stick to a set colour scheme. Traditionally, this will be red, green and gold for a festive atmosphere. But some places opt for a cool blue with silver and white. Whichever theme you go for, having a display with a harmonised colour scheme can create a mood and grab customer’s attention.

5. Maintain brand consistency

When it comes to decorating your window display, marketing matters. You want what’s exhibited to the exterior to match the interior – as well as your social media channels. This means if you go with, say, a winter wonderland theme, you want this look to be reflected on your website and in store. To do this, you could work with a graphic designer to create some matching visuals for your online presence. Additionally, you can make sure the general colour scheme and overall theme are present in your shop as well as at the window.

6. Time the big reveal of your Christmas display

Choosing the right time to start advertising your Christmas stock and putting up a festive display is very important. Too early and people will find it garish, too late and you may well have missed the prime Christmas shopping period. With that in mind, you should plan out the perfect timing for launching your festive display and your wider Christmas campaign.

7. Compel audiences by telling a story

Christmas is all about merriment, cheer and joy, and there’s nothing more exciting than being immersed in a good festive story or atmosphere. To capture this spirit, consider telling a tale with your display. This could be a family warming their hands round the fireplace or a peek into Santa’s workshop with jolly elves. Adding an interactive element in this way will make your display more memorable and strike a chord with potential customers.

8. Create a magical in-shop experience to match

Finally, don’t just stop at creating a dashing window display, fill your store with festive cheer in the form of decorations that continue on your chosen theme and reflect the same charming atmosphere you worked so hard at for your shop window. Creating an enchanting shopping experience for customers will encourage them to buy more, return and tell their friends and family all about it. And, with Square’s POS software, you can quickly and easily take payments from customers, ensuring a smooth checkout to end their delightful shopping experience.

Unleash your creativity this Christmas with a dazzling Xmas window display

As the festive season approaches, your shop window represents more than just a display of goods. It’s a portrayal of your business’ brand, your unique take on Christmas spirit and the number one way to attract high street shoppers. Try out any or all of the above Christmas window displays and see customers flocking to your door this December.

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