How Gibbons Hospitality Group integrated BevSpot with Square

Whistler B.C. mainstay relies on real-time data to increase profitability

Gibbons Hospitality Group has been a mainstay in Whistler, B.C. since they opened up the resort town’s first pub back in 1979. Now a 15-location outfit (which includes Longhorn Saloon, Buffalo Bills, Tapley’s Pub, the FireRock Lounge, Garfinkel’s, and Deep Cove Brewery and Distillery), Gibbons realized they needed to find a tool that could help them streamline their operations by providing inventory and ingredient cost information and tracking across all of their locations. They found this tool in BevSpot, a food and beverage management software that could integrate with Gibbons’ point of sale system, Square.

“Before we started using BevSpot, I’d have to manually compare inventory with sales,” said Sam Wilson, F&B Analyst for Gibbons. “It would take me hours to complete, and honestly I would rarely get it done in time for end-of-month.” On the back of house side of things, Wilson noted that food and beverage operational processes that used to take hours each week were cut down by as much as 30% after the hospitality group integrated BevSpot with Square.

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As a result of the implementation with Square and BevSpot, Gibbons now has the ability to see valuable information across all of their venues, which not only saves time, but also provides up-to-the-minute insights that can help them improve their business. “We can now check in on any venue at any time without having to physically be there,” said Wilson. “It’s giving us the ability to really understand, at a glance, what’s making the most money for us, so we can quickly make adjustments to increase profits where there’s opportunity to do so. The profitability report is the single most important report that we track, and it’s been worth every penny — we’ve had a $12,000 reduction in sitting inventory!”

Susan Maxfield, Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager at BevSpot, noted the ease with which the collaboration between the three parties was executed. “The most important (and sometimes most challenging) aspect of working with such a large group like Gibbons Whistler is often implementation. Thanks to the great work of the Gibbons team and the constant communication with Square, via the BevSpot partnership, that was not the case, and we were able to provide instant visibility to help Gibbons enact positive business decisions.”

Cameron DiTullio, Senior Partnership Account Executive at BevSpot, credited Square for the smoothness of the integration. “Square made it so much easier. It was a seamless integration process that has led to making a prominent BevSpot customer very happy.”