The Future of Restaurants Report: 2022 Edition

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Uncover the top trends that are shaping 2022 for innovative restaurant owners and their customers.

The future of restaurants is here – and customers are at the heart of it. From fine dining to fast food, from new payment options to a continued emphasis on delivery, the restaurant industry is building experiences for an ever-evolving future. These creative business owners are meeting customers where they are, embracing technological advances and building loyal communities of fans across channels.

To understand where the future of the restaurant industry is headed, we worked with Wakefield Research to survey 500 restaurateurs and 1,000 consumers. We also gathered insights from successful Square sellers and leading industry experts. Restaurant owners shared what the future looks like from their point of view, as the people witnessing firsthand how the industry is changing are the ones innovating to make it even better.

The Square Future of Restaurants report explores what restaurants care about today and tomorrow, along with the cutting-edge tools and strategies that are helping them get there.

Inside the Future of Restaurants report, you’ll find:

foc-search-icon An analysis of the top restaurant trends for 2022: From QR codes to virtual cooking classes, learn which tools, technologies and trends are remaining strong from 2021 and gaining popularity in 2022.

foc-tools-icon Tools and strategies to help you bring all of these ideas to life: Learn how to incorporate these ideas into your restaurant, no matter where you are.

foc-pie-icon Industry insights from Square restaurant experts: Hear from Square restaurant experts about the most innovative trends they’re seeing for the restaurant industry in 2022, along with their insights on what they mean and where they can go.

foc-burger-icon Real-life examples from successful Square restaurant owners: Read examples and insights from restaurateurs about how they’ve adapted for a new way of operating and innovated for the future.


of restaurants say that there are significant benefits to digital menus.


of restaurants added new products or services as a result of the pandemic.


of customers prefer to order delivery directly from a restaurant’s website.

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