Free Skillshare Membership: Learn from Experts with These Business Classes

Business owners around the world are shifting how they interact with their customers through a variety of tactical changes – like implementing touch-free and remote payments, switching to online ordering, replacing delivery or pickup methods, adapting a brick-and-mortar location to eCommerce operations and more.

To help you navigate new strategies for your small business, we’ve partnered with Skillshare to provide Square sellers with a free 3-month Skillshare membership. Joining this online learning community gives you access to thousands of classes.

Together, we’ve also developed three learning tracks taught by industry icons and experts with business changes in mind: Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Management, and Business Operations. Here’s a sampling based on some common business needs.

Gain expertise in sales and marketing.

Drive sales on new or additional channels, like social media platforms and eCommerce, with these and more sales and marketing classes.

I want to build relationships with customers and create content on social platforms.
Having a social media channel strategy in place ensures you’re able to achieve your business goals. This social media strategy class with Buffer’s digital marketing strategist Brian Peters will help you craft a social media strategy for your business.

I want to drive search engine traffic to my business website or online store.
Search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals can give you the boost you need to raise your online presence. This SEO class with “Wizard of Moz” Rand Fishkin will help you craft an SEO strategy and optimize your content.

I want to communicate with customers effectively with marketing email.
Marketing email of all kinds can increase visibility for important business communications and promotional messages, in addition to driving traffic to your website. This email marketing class with Mailchimp’s director of VIP services Ariana Hargrave will help you send better email that aligns with your eCommerce needs.

Improve your leadership and management skills.

Unlock innovation and lead your team through change with these and more leadership and management classes.

I want to explore the core of innovation and leadership.
The wisdom of others in leadership can open up the inspiration needed to seek new paths. This creative leadership toolkit class with creative leader John Maeda will help you think creatively to cultivate your leadership potential.

I want to craft a compelling story about my business.
Telling a meaningful brand story can unify everything from your marketing to your team. This storytelling for leaders class with founder of SYPartners Keith Yamashita will help you communicate meaningfully about your business.

I need to have tough conversations with my employees.
Approaching complex or emotionally charged conversations with employees is when it’s most critical to think through your course of action. This crucial conversations class with best-selling author Joseph Grenny will help you organize your thoughts and emotions when approaching difficult business discussions.

Streamline your business operations.

Master essential tools to work efficiently and enable insights-based decisions with these and more business operations classes.

I need to jump into business accounting to calculate cash flow.
Accounting starts with keeping track of income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. This accounting fundamentals class with Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper will cover these essential financial statements and more.

I need to prioritize my time for the most important business needs.
Productivity is all about using processes and tools to carve time for the things that matter most. This productivity masterclass with entrepreneurial YouTuber Thomas Frank will help you create a custom system to find the time you need to balance the demands of your business.

I want to analyze data to get insights for important business decisions.
Microsoft Excel is an essential tool for data analysis and other information needs. This Excel class with Excel training and consulting company KeyCuts will help you learn the necessary functions and applications for your data needs.

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