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Invoices 101

Everything you need to know about finding the right invoice template for your business needs.

What is an invoice template?

An invoice template is a preset, customizable template that you can repeatedly use to invoice your customers. It is available in popular file formats like Word, Excel and PDF. A free invoice template makes your professional life easier by getting you paid much faster, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Filling out your invoice

The type of information you include on your custom invoice gives your customers clear, actionable information on what to do to pay you faster. To ensure that you get paid efficiently, be sure to enter your project details and business and customer information accurately.

Features of an invoice template

Always appear professional by including:

  • Your business information
    (name, logo, email address, phone number)

  • Your customer’s information
    (name, email address)

  • The invoice number

  • Sent and due dates

  • Notes or payment terms

  • Itemized rows for your job description

  • Applicable tax and discount information

Which file format to use

Your printable invoice template is available in Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats. Which format is best depends on the situation for which you’re using it.

Word invoice template

Use a Microsoft Word template when your primary concern is having options in your invoice design process. Word is known for letting you design invoices, as well as various kinds of documents and reports. Customize your blank invoice template by adding vibrant images and tweaking its colours and fonts.

Excel invoice template

An Excel invoice template is ideal if you have many itemized rows of provided services, for which you need to automatically calculate totals. Thanks to Excel’s formulas, this process becomes a breeze.

PDF invoice template

Boost your professional reputation and trustworthiness by sending PDF invoices to your customers. This Portable Document Format lets you send invoices the way they were originally created even after you convert them to PDF. PDFs are also highly secure. They can be password-protected, and each change to your invoice leaves an electronic footprint.

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