Maintain and Grow Your Business

Helpful tips for you to take your business forward on your own terms

Just getting your business up and running is an achievement. It also really is the bulk of the hard work. From this point, your aim is to maintain your business. You might also want to grow it to a new level, for example, opening a second location (and then maybe even more).

Maintaining your business isn’t just about carrying on doing what you’re doing. It’s about making sure that you always perform your core activities in the best way possible. Growing your business can mean doing more of what you’re doing. Usually, that only takes you so far, and then you need to diversify. Whatever you want to do, our guides help you to develop a strategy for success.

The steps to start a business.


2. Launch Your Business

After the preparation phase, it is time to take action! We guide you step by step through the important steps of the concrete creation of your company.


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3. Manage Your Business

Now that your business has opened its doors, you need to learn how to run your day-to-day business. Finance, marketing, sales, logistics.



4. Maintain and Grow Your Business

Your business is on track and you want to develop it? Workforce, market share, turnover… Find out how to take your business even further!