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Square Appointments for Multiple Locations

Square Appointments allows you to manage your calendar, staff, and online booking across multiple locations.

Note: Only one location can be managed at a time when using the Square Appointments iPhone and iPad App or Square Register. We recommend using your online Appointments Dashboard to toggle between multiple locations from your calendar.

Setting up Location Information in Dashboard

To create your first location, visit Renseignements sur l’entreprise in your online Square Dashboard and click New Location. Note, once you add a new location, you cannot revert back to a single location dashboard.

If you already have multiple locations and would like to add another, go to Points de vente in your online Dashboard and click Create Location.

Add the following information about each location, which will be displayed on your online booking site and in client communications:

  • Business Name: If using with multiple locations, add location to Business name. For example: Gloria’s Salon - West Side.

  • Add Nickname: Helps you keep track of locations on your end of the dashboard.

  • Bio / Description: A brief description of you and/or you business.

  • Business Logo: Should be at least 200 x 200 pixels.

  • Location: Enter physical address for new location or select Mobile Location.

  • Contact Email and Phone Number: Visible in your online booking site and client communications.

  • Banking information: A verified bank account is required for accepting online prepayment and enabling Protection en cas d’absence.

Set the time zone and hours for your new location. The time zone and hours set will be applied to:

You can also link your social media accounts and website so clients know where else they can keep in touch. These links will be displayed in your online booking site and client communications.

Set Staff Locations and Hours

Staff member hours and time zones are initially set by the business’ settings. To customize the location, hours, and time zone for a particular staff member:

  1. Go to Personnel in your Appointments dashboard > Select your staff member.

  2. Under Location and Hours, toggle on their locations and set hours for each.

  3. Click Save.

Once set, that staff member will have custom hours. Any updates made to your business hours will not affect that staff member’s bookable hours.

If no custom hours are set, updates to the business’ hours or time zone will apply to that staff member’s bookable hours and time zone as well.

The hours set on the staff member’s page are reflected on the account’s bookable calendar as well as the staff member’s calendar.

Make Staff Available for Multiple Locations

If your staff work at multiple business locations, you can enable each applicable location from their staff profile.

To get started:

  1. Click on a staff members name to open their profile.

  2. Scroll down to Manage Staff Locations.

  3. Toggle on all applicable locations and enter their hours of availability for booking.

  4. Click Done.

Read more about création du personnel avec Rendez-vous Square.

Add or Remove Locations from Subscription

You can choose which locations you would like to include in your Square Appointments subscription. Note: Square Appointments Free is limited to one location, but this location can be switched at any time.

To manage locations for your Square Appointments plan:

  1. Go to Account & Settings from your Tableau de bord Square en ligne

  2. Click Business information > Tarification et abonnements

  3. Under “Subscription Pricing,” click Manage next to your Square Appointments plan.

  4. Click Manage locations, then tick or untick the relevant locations.

  5. Click Apply to locations.

Switch Between Locations on your Square Appointments App

To switch between locations on the Square Appointments app (iOS and Android):

1. From the navigation bar, tap More.

2. Select Switch location

3. Choose the location you want to view. 

Note: If you select a location where you are not actively using Appointments, you will be automatically logged out.

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