Sign Up Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble signing up for Square or activating your account, the following sections provide some helpful information.

Not Approved to Accept Card Payments

Based on the information you provided during the signup process, we could not approve your request to accept card payments. Even if you have successfully linked a bank account to your Square account, you will not be able to process card payments.

During your application for a Square account, we attempted to verify your identity by providing the name, address and date of birth you submitted during sign-up to the Equifax Consumer Credit Bureau. Equifax has indicated that they were unable to verify all or part of this information against their records. We also sought to verify your identity using other government sources, however this was also unsuccessful.

Should you wish to discuss the accuracy of the information contained in your credit file, please consider obtaining a free report from Equifax via their website.

We don’t have access to any of the information you entered for privacy and security reasons. Some common reasons why we’re unable to approve customers to accept credit cards include:

  • Spelling errors - a legal first and legal last name, address and date of birth are required to verify your identity. Please check that all the information entered is identical to what is shown on your official identification document (passport/driver’s licence/medical card) and contains no typographical errors. Please note, names with apostrophes or hyphens should be replaced with a space.
  • Change of legal name(s) - if you have changed your legal name(s) and have not updated your legal records or applied for credit since changing legal name, please try to verify using your previous legal name (i.e. if you were recently married, you may wish to try entering your maiden name). Please do not abbreviate your legal name (i.e. Bill instead of William) or enter your middle name. If you use your Medicare card to try to verify your identity, you should enter your middle initial as shown on your card.
  • Change of address - You must provide your current home address. However, if you’ve moved within the last 6 months, try using your previous home address.
  • Expired identification document - please check if the identification document that you are entering is current and not expired. If the identity document has expired and a new document has been issued, check if the document number has changed.
  • NSW driver’s licence - these have both a card number and a licence number. Ensure that you are entering your driver’s licence number.
  • Credit file information - if you have previously applied for credit in Australia and your personal details have changed since your last credit application, Equifax may have outdated information of you on file.

If you’ve been declined once, head to squareup.com/activation, sign in, read the instructions and click Yes, resume.

If we are unable to verify your identity after multiple attempts, your application to accept cards with Square cannot be approved you will not be able to process card payments.

Delayed or Pending Activation

If you receive one of the following error notifications, please contact us to review the status of your Square account.

  • Your request is pending.
  • There was a problem activating your account.

You can use Square to record cash and other tender payments in the meantime.

We do not currently support your selected business type for payment processing.

Your business type is dependant on the ABN you provided. As we are constantly working to support additional business types, please contact us for further information.

Age Requirement for Signup

Current credit card processing regulations require our account holders to be at least 18 years of age.

Time Limit Expired

For security reasons, there’s a 10 minute time limit when filling out your activation request. If that limit is surpassed, the form will automatically be locked for 3 days.

Contact us if you run into this issue and we’ll provide you with steps to continue activating your account.

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